Benefits of Cucumber for Skin

skin benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is an edible fruit which is produced from a plant called cucumis  sativus. Cucumber is related to the Gourd family. It’s been using for the health benefits from many is also taken as skin diet. Eating raw cucumber helps  skin as well as the eyes\

Use 1

The hydrogen level of cucumber is equal to that of the skin. So, eating cucumber frequently helps to cover all the problematic areas of skin.

Use 2

Cucumber can been used as facial and beauty product and can be applied directly on the face.Also,Drinking cucumber juicedaily helps your skin to glow and clear all the blemishes with in short time.

Use 3

Cucumber has lot of ingredients which cools down your skin..the cooling effect makes your skin clean and cleansing which makes your skin soft .

Use 4

Chemical toxins and uric acid can be extracted from it because cucumber is diuretic .Diuretic means containing high water level ,which makes the skin supple and soft.

Use 5

Cucumber contains ascorbic acids which are used to control the water retention .It gives energy to connective tissue which protects the skin from the sun burns.

Use 6

The dark spots on our face could be reduced by the cucumber paste. Mix cucumber and egg(white part) gently and apply it directly on your skin , it gives the skin younger look.

Use 7

Astringent could be extracted by the cucumber to increase the skin tone. Cucumber helps in reducing the pimple/acne scar.

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Article was last reviewed on February 20th, 2013.

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