Health Benefits of Cucumber

health benefits of cucumberWhen any vegetables are eaten fresh, one gain most of the in tacked nutrient potency of them. Cucumber is one of the vegetable which we generally eat fresh. Slice them and eat them or use them in salad. Thus, the best part of eating cucumber is the way we eat it. You may find other vegetables with more vitamins, fiber or protein but once you cook them and fry them then they are no more the same as they were before. At the same time cucumber has its own list of benefits which force you to eat them regularly.

  • The cucumber is natural diuretic and helps producing more urine which is good for your body and skin and help in the treatment for disease related to kidney, liver and urinary bladder.
  • Cucumber is very good for your skin as it has the same level of hydrogen as your skin and thus it gives great result when applied as mask on skin. It makes your skin rejuvenate and glow.
  • Coolness is the best feature of cucumber and it will best to add them in your daily diet chart in summer.
  • Keeping cucumber slice on close eyes not only give great relief but also soothes them. They can come to your rescue in the time of dark circles around your eyes and when you have long eye tiring day.
  • Cucumber can help in controlling eczema and arthritis, if consumed daily.
  • A combination of cucumber juice and carrot juice can help in giving relief to aching condition due to heavy uric acid in body. If the spinach and lettuce will be added in the juice then it will become a tonic for hair growth.
  • Cucumber is also beneficial for the patient of Pyorrhea and it helps in preventing other teeth and gums related disease.

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Article was last reviewed on February 20th, 2013.

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