Strength training and its importance for seniors : SENIORS HEALTH


Knowledge and experience increase with age but body power and strength decrease. At the age of sixty or seventy, most people do not have the ability to work on their own. But that is not a constant thing and many people do have the strength do complete their daily routines without any help at that age. The healthy life style and strength exercise is the main source of such strength.

The strength exercises that help the senior citizens are not very hard to do and some very light workouts can do a great job to keep them fit well. These exercises are not for keeping the muscles hard, instead the main thing is to keep them working. Another thing that the exercises help to fit is the immune system and internal body functions.

strength exercises SENIORS health aerobics

The first kind of exercise that the seniors need most is to gain the strength. According to the scientist, muscles start to lose their workability from the age of thirty. So to keep them fit, light exercise is very important. The quality of the tissues of the muscles also starts to lose their power from this time and the exercises can help the damage a lot.

Age is a very important reason for losing fitness and flexibility of movement in our daily works. The regular strength exercises help to fight against such loss. With the fitness of the muscles, the age influences the joints of the body. With time, the joints show the symptoms of stiffness and lower range of motion which cause many unwelcome injuries.

Balance is another very important side effect of age and is very common in most senior people. They lose their balance easily and fall on the ground which cause difficult injuries or breaking of bones. But the strength exercise can help a senior person to have enough balance to fall on the ground even at a very old age. In parallel to all of these physical benefits, the exercise can help to sleep as well as decreasing many mental stresses.


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