The Best iPhone Apps for Health, Fitness and Diet

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What if fitness and well-being can be enhanced by using iPhones? In fact, it’s possible. Here are the best health applications for iPhone users that are always available from the Apple (iTunes) market. Browse each category and grab what you need because your iPhone will never be sufficient to have them all.

Mental Health Apps for iPhone

1. Mental Health “WATS”

mental health

The Mental Health “WATS”, also known as “We Are The Same”, strives to help iPhone users to understand numerous mental health issues. It offers access to videos, health contacts, and different ways of decreasing the stigma brought about by mental health.

2. Recovery Record

iPhone users who would like to recover from eating disorders may choose the Recovery Record. It allows people to record their meal plans, reminders, and progresses. It features thousands of motivational messages to keep someone focused on his or her goals.

3. Mensa Brain Test

The most efficient way to develop mental health is to exercise your brain in a regular basis. The Mensa Brain Test will allow you to test your IQ in different ways ranging from various skills such as logic, memory, visual, and so on.

4. IQ Test

The IQ Test is an app where you can determine your potential learning capabilities. Although the test is not enough to accurately get your IQ value, the challenges provided will definitely enhance your logic skills and overall mental functions.


Exercise / Fitness Apps

1. Workout Trainer

workout trainer

Get access to hundreds of workout programs, both for free and premium subscriptions, with the use of Workout Trainer for iPhone users. It offers step-by-step instructions available in both audio and video format that can help anyone to establish an efficient workout habit.

2. 8 Minutes Abs Workout

This iPhone app will help you to enhance your abs workout in an organize technique. It will help you to schedule and challenge you to complete various tasks before proceeding to the next set of workout programs. It features video instructions to help you exercise efficiently.

3. Seconds Pro Interval Timer

One of the best iPhone apps dedicated to runners, cycling enthusiasts, weightlifters, and many more. The app’s efficient timer will allow you to manage your workout routines efficiently. It also features background displays to enhance your mood while exercising.

4. Noom Cardio Trainer

Compared to other fitness trackers in the market today, the Noom Cardio Trainer will allow you to use its simple GPS tracker and pedometer to efficiently monitor your daily workout. You can even race with it and unlock rewards to challenge yourself when exercising.

5. Fitness Buddy: 1700 Exercises

This app features an array of more than 1,700 distinct exercises suitable for any kind of fitness programs. Users can also use more than 1,000 high quality videos as instructions while working out. In addition, it’s very simple to navigate and easy to learn.

6. Pedometer

Walking is the best exercise that people can do with less exhaustion. iPhone users will be able to record their walks with the use of Pedometer. It can record the step counts, calories burnt, distance taken, and time consumed walking.

Diabetes Monitoring Apps

1. OnTrack Diabetes

The most efficient way to monitor diabetes using a iPhone phone is by using the OnTrack Diabetes. It will allow diabetes patients to track the level of glucose in their blood together with suggested medications and information beneficial for diabetic people.

2. Diabetes Management

This iPhone app depends upon the needs of the user. It emphasizes the unique levels of situations by allowing users to set up the app according to the type of diabetes they have. It will help people determine specific activities to keep their blood sugar controlled.

3. Glucose Buddy: Diabetes Log

Diabetic iPhone users will find this iPhone app as an excellent journal. They can record or log their activities and progress as they continue to monitor their blood glucose. It will also allow users to customize the app by setting up their own profile.

4. Diabetes Diet: Diabetic Recipes for Healing Diabetes

diabetes diet app

Diabetic people will never worry about their diet any longer. This app contains numerous recipes emphasizing the efficient diet of a diabetic individual. They can browse different recipes from breakfasts to dinners; all of which will keep a diabetic healthy.

Blood Monitoring Apps

1. iBP Blood Pressure


One of the most efficient ways of monitoring the blood pressure is through the use of iBP Blood Pressure iPhone app. It allows you to get access to the present and previous graphs to help you see any improvement made. The graph displays statistical data ranging from low to high levels.

2. Heart Pal Free – Blood Pressure Tracker

The Heart Pal Free uses the medical recommendations produced by WHO, ESH, and ISH. It shows different chunks of data ranging from the pulse rate up to diastolic BP and systolic BP. Doctors will love this app because it allows unlimited users.

3. iHealth

Aside from allowing you to record your blood pressure reading, this app will allow you to track all your records and compare them using the app’s easy-to-read graphs. Multiple accounts are supported; meaning, anyone can use the app to monitor their blood pressure as well.


Diet and Nutritional Apps

1. Fooducate

The Fooducate iPhone app will let you scan food products to see the nutritional statistics they promise before you actually buy them. The app can also suggest alternatives for unhealthy products to help you maintain your healthy diet.

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Everyday diet is easy with the use of Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. It features a grocery plan with emphasis on a healthy diet. The app will also present reminders before meals to make sure that you follow your planned diet.

3. My Food

myfood app iphone

Its database will show you more than 7500 food together with nutrients and vitamins contained in each food. You will be able to balance your diet with the use of the information presented by the My Food iPhone app ranging from fruits down to raw ingredients.

4. No.1 Recipe App Recipe Search

The Recipe Search iPhone app features more than 70,000 recipes you can use. You can even submit your available ingredients and let the app list down all the possible recipes you can make. This will help you see and compare which recipe is nutritious and which is not.

5. Restaurant Nutrition

The Restaurant Nutrition app will help iPhone users to become aware of beneficial dishes worth ordering from different restaurants. All menus are always updated in real time and all restaurants are organized in alphabetical order; meaning, navigation is easy and simple.

6. HappyCow VeginOut Guide

Vegetarians will love this mobile app for iPhone. It uses an intelligent locator to give you a list of the nearest veggie-friendly culinary establishments. It can also be used to look for the nearest health food shops.


Yoga and Meditation Apps

1. Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga

Yoga enthusiasts will love the Pocket Yoga iPhone app. They can practice the Yoga habit in their convenience even without an actual trainer. In fact, the app uses both audio and visual instructions to guide Yoga practitioners efficiently.

2. All-In Yoga

With All-in Yoga, you will be able to meditate efficiently because of the meditative music it has in its database. Different relaxing images and sounds are available in an efficient and deep Yoga practice.

3. Buddhist Meditation Trainer

When it comes to enlightenment and the meaning of life, nothing beats the meditative practices of a Buddhist. Today, you can integrate this in-depth meditation into your Yoga practices. Learn how to improve your life while maintaining your wellness.

4. Simply Being

Meditation is difficult to maintain especially if people are not motivated properly. With the use of this mobile app, iPhone users will always be reminded regarding their planned routine to meditate. This app is a good management of Yoga practices as well.

Heart Health Apps

1. Instant Heart Rate

instant heart rate

The Instant Heart Rate mobile app will allow you to monitor your heart rate in real time, without the use of external devices. By simply placing any of your index fingers, you will be able to get your present heart rate instantly. This app is already tested by both medical and app experts.

2. MyCalmBeat

MyCalmBeat is an iPhone app which monitors your breathing cycle to track your heart rate. With proper control of your breath, the efficient heart beat becomes possible controlling both your blood cycle and brain efficiency. This makes stress an easy problem.

3. iCardio

The iCardio is one of the heart rate monitoring apps that do not need a flashlight to function properly. All you have to do is use the external accessories needed and let the app analyze the reading for you. Today, it’s acknowledged as one of the most accurate app available in iTunes.

Sleep Related Apps

1. Sleep Cycle

sleep disorders app

The most efficient way to track your sleep using an iPhone is through the use of the Sleep Cycle iPhone app. It features a recorded statistics of your sleeping phases and it can wake you up with the use of soothing sounds to make your morning right.

2. Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite

The Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite is an app which can produce natural sounds to relax your mind and body while trying to sleep. The Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite uses mellow sounds to wake you up naturally in the morning together with a good mood.

3. Relax and Sleep

Sleeping is best done with the Relax and Sleep iPhone app because it features more than 35 ambient sounds to soothe your sleeping habit. You can also enjoy creating many presets depending upon the mood you want to emphasize while sleeping.

4. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Optimize your brain using this application before going to sleep. In fact, the music brought about by this iPhone app will relax your brain muscles while you sleep. By hearing a set of rhythms in different frequencies, subliminal muscles will be able to relax and develop.


Health News Apps

1. Public Health News

People who would like to get hourly updates regarding wellness should install the Public Health News app for iPhone. They won’t find any gibberish fluffs in the app’s headlines. A simple click with the headline will immediately lead you to the full story.

2. Life Extension Health News

Up-to-date news and information about health issues are what this app is all about. It covers different topics such as the latest nutritional facts and vitamin sources. It also provides headlines from aging preventions and disease treatments.

3. Health in Your Hands

Immediate medical treatment is never an issue if this app is installed on your iPhone. Users will be able to browse the different home remedies to apply first aid solutions efficiently. They can also connect online for the latest medical news and further consultations.


Emergency Apps

1. CPR – Choking

Immediate need to do a CPR or choking treatment is never easy without using the CPR – Choking mobile app for iPhone. It offers easy-to-follow videos regarding CPR and choking treatments. This way, people will know how to respond in certain situations.

2. First Aid

first aid app

The AR First Aid app supports both text and voice search for immediate first aid guides. Users will find it easy to respond in emergencies and home injuries without any worries because the database of this app is filled with efficient treatments and medical information.

3. ICE: In Case of Emergency

This app will allow users to create their own profile in case of emergency purposes. It will allow you to add emergency contact numbers and insurance companies as well. The app also shows medical treatments for first aid applications when necessary.


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