Benefits, advantages and uses of diabetic shoes : DIABETIC FOOTWEAR


Diabetes is a disease which can happen to anyone; people from all walks of life. People who suffer from it have a common side effect called ‘peripheral neuropathy’. It is the loss of sensation in extreme cases. Until is too late a diabetic person may not know that he has gotten hurt in the foot due to his covered foot in a ordinary shoe. Minor rubbing and bruising can lead to major damages to the person. Hence special diabetic shoes are required.

Once, little thought was given on the health benefits of diabetic shoes. Gradually the conception on the health benefit of these shoes progressed and they are fairly easy to acquire. Though, not many actually understand the benefits.

diabetic shoes and foot wear

The benefits, uses and advantages of diabetic shoes are plenty. They are so structured and designed that least amount of discomfort is caused to the patient. They can be worn anytime and absolutely anywhere.

They are light in weight and designed especially according to the patient’s foot requirements. They need to be designed by the doctor himself after the thorough examination of the feet. Different patients have different requirements and hence have different diabetic shoes for themselves.

Diabetic shoes are wider and deeper to allow air circulation and even blood circulation in the feet. Perspiration must not get collected as it may lead to infections if worn for long hours. This way the skin too would breathe freely. There are designed with no interior seams so as to prevent injuries on the feet.

A softer fabric is used in its making. The insoles are so designed that that they eliminate pressure points for the feet. Calluses are often seen to occur in people with diabetes. When they are not properly trimmed they can become thick and even turn into Ulcers. In order to protect the feet from such harmful ulcers the shoes are given a proper fitting.

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