Changing Views Regarding Mental Health Illness


In the past few decades, there have been a number of advancements in the ways in which mental disorders have been treated. However, there is still some stigma in the views regarding mental health illness. Many people think that people with a mental problem are lazy/cannot do any work.

In case of children being affected by any mental health illness, the parents are blamed for the condition of the child. These thoughts are also radiated by insurance providers who want to get away from paying for the necessary treatment. missing-puzzle-piece-shadow

However, studies have stated that mental problem can occur due to combination of genetics and other environmental causes. But, there have been radical changes in the views regarding mental health illness. These include:

* The deinstitutionalizing of mental facilities few decades ago brought a drastic change in the way in which mental health illnesses were being treated. This was followed by removing the patents from institutions which were seen to provide no or little treatment to them. After removing them, they were given alternative therapy and medication and it also made people believe that these people were a part of society.

* Studies have stated that the relationship of the patient with his/her family member can negatively or positively impact the mental health. Due to this family therapy was created and the people having mental problems got to stay at their house. Nowadays, it is the responsibility of family members and physician to integrate mentally ill into the society.

* New treatment centers have been established which give very little or no isolation and restraints to the patients. Nowadays, the advent of day treatment centers has brought a revolution. These have less staffs and show more emphasis on group treatment as compared to individual therapies. This also allowed the integration of halfway houses which allowed day treatment and sent the patients back home at night.

* The health experts have also stated that those individuals with mental health illness are seen to benefit a lot from social support organizations which provide appropriate support, acceptance and care. They are seen to recover faster as compared to individuals who are neglected.


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