Scent Therapy – Effect of Pleasant Smells on Your Mood


Want a Good Mood? Try a Therapy with the Use of Scents

Many studies showed that our mood can be influenced by the smell coming from the surrounding. There are many kinds of smell and this is often referred to as scent. In fact, candles that are made with special ingredient to make it refreshing on our nose are very helpful in making us feel refreshed and energized. In fact, not only candles but also the colognes, perfumes, body soaps and bar soaps are made with special ingredient nowadays. All of which are made possible because of the goal of providing consumers a fragrant feeling. You will also notice that once you inhaled an aromatic smell, your frame of mind can be influenced and changed.

There are scents specially made to provide energy, it absolutely lifts the mood. Many people try it and they would prefer to opt for scents coming from fruits. In addition, there are also scents that can actually make a person feel relaxed. This is indeed ideal for people that are working on daily stressful moments. It can as well normalize the BP; relieve pain from stress, depression and headache due to tension.

The method of using plant extracts and essential oils is aromatherapy or scent therapy. This is usually done in maintaining a person’s holistic over all well-being. It is believed by many that scents or aromas are good ways to stimulate emotional, physical and spiritual healing levels.


Way back 1928; a scientist from France started the healing process through aroma in which that time termed as “aroma-therapie”. Even though this origin is having an inconclusive origin, this term or reference originates in the Old Testament found in the tombs of the Ancient Egypt. Since that time, scent therapy is commonly called as aromatherapy which is oils extracted from various plants coming from nature. The process of separating the oils is called cold-pressing or distillation. The divergent source of oil is highly depending on the plant.

For example, oil extracted from a flower of chamomile is chamomile oil and basil oil is extracted from leaves. The result of extraction process is a concentrated form of oil which is typically diluted in neutral oil or carrier oil before use. In the course of history, the protective qualities and therapeutic nature of plants have been increasingly revered. Many ancient cultures have utilized aromatic plants for healing, health, beauty, prayer and purification.

During the 1800’s, tuberculosis stroked millions of lives in the Europe. The people working in the flower and herb fields were not affected by this disease. A hypothesis came out stated that the medicinal capabilities of plants had protected them. This fact had led to the first scientific study on the antimicrobial components of essential oils and aromatherapy.

The Theory and Function

The oil extracted is having components that have different effects on both brain and body. For instance, lavender and chamomile oils are containing esters which are a best sedating and anti-fungal agent. Basil, clove and cinnamon on the other hand are good forms of antiseptic and diuretic because of its ether content. The function of the mentioned oils is to relax the body by stimulating the nervous system. This happens when the body absorbs or inhales them, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain receives signals to encourage relaxation.

In recent times, the modern science is still on the track in trying to validate what the ancient people have discovered all along. Many researches had established and proven the essentiality of aromatic oils which are known to have unique components in it and that researchers may concentrate on the unmet challenges in today’s healthcare. In the latter sense, those scientific studies had confirmed that aromatherapy oils may energize, calm, rejuvenate, balance, purify and repair the body and mind.

There are as well other helpful benefits scented oils from aromatic plants can give such as reducing inflammation and pain, lessen stress, act as a quick intervention for flu, boosts immune system and combat airborne germs and molds as well as neutralizing the toxins in the body.

Advantages of Scent/Aromatherapy

When this form of alternative medicine had been known by public, advantages and advantages had also risen. Many people who had tried this procedure had swore how they had been healed by such therapeutic oils even though there are no much clinical evidences proving the efficiency of aromatherapy. However, you must be aware of the probable advantages and disadvantages of aromatherapy before trying to use one.

  • One major advantage of scent/aromatherapy is being fairly easy to use and inexpensive. One method of it is through using diffusers and candles in which releases scents in the air that sooths into the air. There are as well little equipments needed in this form of healing and relaxing. Included equipments could be electricity for diffusing the scent and clay or heat pots.
  • Another benefit is giving some physical and emotional benefits. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache and allergies are just common conditions that a person may suffer. Aromatherapy is one of the safest treatment methods in addressing the above mentioned conditions. In fact, the Mayo Clinic is recommending various types of aromatherapy for cancer patients going through pain, stress and nausea.

Disadvantages of Scent/Aromatherapy

Using of aromatherapy is also having few drawbacks and some can have very dangerous drawbacks. Some oils for instance are used to rub on skin with out knowing that these oils do contain chemical properties that can enter the pores of the skin and eventually into the bloodstream. For people undergoing cancer therapies, these oils rubbed into the skin can be dangerous. Also, people who are suffering from diabetes of high blood pressure must as well avoid aromatherapy especially pregnant women. Before practicing it, you must consult a doctor first. This is to assure your safety.

Since essential oils in today’s modern generation is considered the heart of aromatherapy, many people have been using it to heal wounds, improve the skin tone, regulate body hormones, relieve menstrual cramps for women, stimulate the immune system, decrease nasal congestion, relieves headaches, energize the body and relax muscles in the body. It also reduces inflammation and improves the sleep; helps heal bacterial and fungal infection, aids in proper digestion and blood circulation.

Here are the different types of scents to make your mood feel energetic and pleasant

Scents For energy

Citrus scents are known to enhance energy levels and are great mood lifters. Stock up on candles that have lime, orange or grapefruit scents.

Scents for Relaxation

Want to unwind after a long, stressful day? Light up a lavender candle. Research has shown that lavender can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It also decreases tension in the muscles and will relax your senses. Sandalwood, bergamot, patchouli, vanilla, geranium and ylang ylang are other relaxing scents.

Scents For cheerful surroundings

Nothing will make you feel more upbeat than mint, sage or pine scents. Candles with these scents are uplifting and create a fresh environment.

Scents For a romantic evening

Want your partner to get into the mood? Jasmine, sandalwood, rose and gardenia scents are the way to go. Candles with extracts of these are perfect when you want to get cozy with your better half. Scents of cinnamon, apples and nutmeg also create a cozy mood. The smell of rose is especially good for women because it is known to balance out her hormones and have a calming effect


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