Top ten ways and tips to Get Rid of Runny Nose


Having a runny nose is one of those bad times when you can’t even step out of your house, pitying your own self struggling with a handkerchief.

Here are 10 simple ways and tips to get rid of it immediately.

1. Herbal Tea: drinking herbal tea two to three times a day is the best natural way to bring out all of the mucous out from the nose and stopping a runny nose to the soonest.

2. Vitamin C:  Take vitamin C supplements, as it helps in increasing the immunity system and helps in stopping the runny nose.

3. Lemon & Honey: Drink warm water mixed with one tea spoon of honey with equal amount of lemon juice. It works wonders in curing the cold and cough and being a lot of relief.runny nose running

4. Ginger:  Chewing ginger is another effective home remedy, because of the ginger’s medicinal properties. You may also drink ginger tea. Ginger helps in warming up the body and in increasing the blood circulation. It hence helps in clearing the mucus as soon as possible.

5. Steam: take steam as it will clear your nose from excessive mucous clogging the way. Add aromatic and medicinal oils to create vapor and inhale the steam.

6. Massage:  Massage the area around your nose called bridge gently, up and down. It will help you breath easily.

7. Exercise:  A very light, ten minutes of jogging or cycling can also help in stopping the runny nose.

8. Drink:  You may also increase the intake of healthy fluids as it keep the body hydrated and helps in thinning the clogged mucous to come out. Avoid beverages and cold drinks.

9. Watercress:  Eat fresh watercress daily. It will also help in draining out the clogged mucous as soon as possible.

10. Andrographis: Take Andrographis two to three times a day before you eat your meals. It helps in drying up your running nose for sometime.


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