The Best Health Mobile Apps for Android Users

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This article has a simple purpose and that is to give you the best list of mobile applications (apps) for Android users emphasizing health and wellness. Already excited? Just a warning though, your storage is not enough for all these so pick what you need and live healthy using your Android phone!

Exercise / Workout and Fitness – Apps for Android

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1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

The Endomondo mobile app for Android phones will allow you to use real-time GPS monitoring which can help you track your overall performance while cycling or jogging. It provides accurate details including distance, calories, and more.

2. My Tracks

The My Tracks is another mobile app which can help you monitor the waypoints you took while running or cycling. The app also features accurate details such as time and distance taken; as well as the heart rate of the user.

3. Squats

This mobile app is another workout tool by Rittr. It will allow you to access the Rittr’s efficient guidelines to reach the maximum repetitions of squats. It also explains how squatting enhances the body, especially, in developing the lower body muscles.

4. Push Ups

Similar to an actual push up trainer, the Push Ups mobile app will adjust depending on your fitness capability. You can customize the entire exercise program to help you reach those 50 – 125 reps of pushing ups according to your strength and abilities.

5. VirtuaGym

The VirtuaGym mobile app is a good workout companion whether it is inside your home or in the public gym. It features 3-dimensional demonstrations for efficient guidelines; as well as directions on proper workouts. With different levels of workout, even workout newbies will find it easy.

6. Daily Ab Workout

Both free and premium Daily Ab Workout apps will help you to efficiently get the best out of the 5 to 15 minutes abs’ workout routine. The professional-trainer-based exercises in the app will help anyone to develop his or her middle body through easier tasks.

7. Sports Tracker

The Sports Tracker mobile app serves as the workout diary for enthusiasts. The app can monitor your performance while jogging in the morning including the route you took. It will store all data so that you can monitor your progress later on.

8. RunKeeper

One of the most efficient GPS fitness tracking mobile app for Android users is the RunKeeper. It can monitor every detail on a fitness workout ranging from time to pacing. You can also use it to manually record your treadmill results, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercises.

9. CardioTrainer

Aside from its efficiency as a fitness partner in gyms, the CardioTrainer is another mobile app necessary for weight loss dietary program. It has a lot of add-ons you may opt to use to monitor both your workout results and workout plans.

10. Daily Leg Workout

As a member of the Daily Workout mobile apps, the Daily Leg Workout is a necessary app to enhance lower body exercises. It features different training modules and guidelines on how to develop the legs and feet. It will help you to increase the strength and agility of your legs as well.

11. miCoach!/mobile

This app will allow Adida miCoach subscribers to synchronize with their accounts. It will help them get access to work out plans for efficient fitness exercises. It also allows users to access the feedback from their Adidas coaches instantly by simply using their mobile phones.


The JEFIT workout mobile app will give you an access to a huge database of workout programs. These programs will help you to build your body in your own preference. It also features a timer for both intervals and rest to allow you to manage your regular workout efficiently.

13. Push Ups Pro

The Push Ups Pro does not monitor the repetitions alone when working out; rather, it allows users to monitor the calories they are using or burning as well. With different mode selections, you will be able to enhance your training experience using this mobile app.

14. Daily Cardio Workout

To enhance the overall agility and resistance of the body, Cardio exercises are a must. The Daily Cardio Workout will help you to maximize the efficiency of your Cardio workout. With the use of visual demonstrations, one will never find it difficult to practice Cardio exercises even without the instruments.

15. Daily Arm Workout

The upper body workout is necessary to develop the strength of your chest to arms. Basically, the Daily Arm Workout can help you out in this case. It features hundreds of demonstrations from trainers regarding upper body workout to help you build a 5 – 15 minute workout routine.

16. Sit Ups

This mobile app for Android phones will allow users to quickly adjust their body for higher number of sit ups repetitions. It serves as a trainer and as a guide to efficiently build your body in this specific workout. In the same manner, it can also adjust depending upon your body limits.

17. Daily Butt Workout

The lower body workout will never become efficient without the Daily Butt Workout mobile app. It will help you develop your muscles from butt to legs, enhancing the build of your lower body parts. With the use of trainer’s demonstration, anyone will never have difficulty in following what the app offers.

18. iMapMy

As a member of MapMyFitness mobile applications, the iMapMy serves as the GPS tracking application for different outdoor exercises such as running, hiking, jogging, and cycling. It records different details ranging from your speed to the paths you took on a daily basis.

Dietary and Nutritional Apps

nutrition apps

1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

The best calorie counter on the market today brought about by MyFitnessPal. It has a wide database with millions of food diet to help you losing pounds. You will even feel challenged by the news feed from your friends who also use this mobile app.

2. Calorie Counter – FatSecret

Any diet will find the FatSecret calorie counter very efficient. The food diary will help you to plan the perfect dietary habit to lose the amount of weight you wanted. The dietary calendar is another feature of this app supplementing the efficiency of the food diary.

3. Recipe Search

The Recipe Search mobile app by All The Cooks made cooking simpler like no other. It allows you to get access to a huge database of recipes emphasizing a healthy diet. Aside from the whole recipe, you will also get a chance to get accurate details about the ingredients you need to use.

4. Fooducate Scanner

The Fooducate is developed by dietitians to help people create a healthy diet for anyone. With two hundred thousands of food in its database, one will never lose an option on what dish to prepare in keeping up one’s healthy diet.

5. Lose It!

The Lose It! mobile app is one of the most efficient personal dietary databases available today. It allows you to log and record your dietary practices together with your regular workouts. It also backs up everything to make sure that you have a secured record in keeping up your fitness exercises emphasizing weight loss.

6. PointPlus Calculator

The PointPlus Calculator allows subscribers of eTools and Weight Watchers to login into their accounts and use their workout tools using the mobile phone. This app works even if there is not WiFi or internet access available.

Android Applications for Emergencies

triage emergency apps

1. iTriage

Anyone can simply treat ailments with the use of the triage mobile app. You can use the app to immediately look for more information about a certain disease. In addition, you will also be provided with necessary treatments and the appropriate medical facilities specializing in the disease.

2. First Aid

The First Aid mobile app is the “must have” for Android users. It provides a large list of first aid treatments and procedures for emergency and immediate needs. With this app on your mobile phone, any circumstances will no longer a problem, especially, if it is medically related.

4. Epocrates

The mobile app named Epocrates features a lot of medical information you might need ranging from medical monographs to drug formulas. It’s the best mobile app for immediate medicinal treatment for minor diseases such as fever. It also includes alternative solutions depending on available resources.

Medical Information Apps

webmd app


One of the best health informative mobile apps today, the WebMD offers a large database for both medical and non-medical personnel. You will never find it difficult to look for health information so as the nearby facilities for specific health issues.

2. Medscape

One of the best medical references in the Android market today is the Medscape. It provides a good database for diseases, drugs, treatments, and other medical practices. One who would like to expand his or her knowledge about medicines will find this mobile app very useful.


Menstruation Cycle and Pregnancy Apps

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 1. WomanLog Calendar

The WomanLog Calendar is very useful for women, especially, as they monitor their menstrual cycle regularly. It even features an efficient forecast regarding the female’s ovulation and fertility. You can even check a 3-month summary in one single view for easy reference.

2. Magic Day – Wizard Works

One of the best menstruation trackers on the market today is the Magic Day by Wizard Works. It offers a simple, yet easy-to-understand, calendar to help women in monitoring and predicting their period efficiently. It will help you to check the possible lengths of cycles together with the physical rhythms.

3. My Pregnancy Today – BabyCenter

Pregnant women or females expecting pregnancy will find this mobile app as a necessity because it features information about what to expect regarding changes and other factors during pregnancy. It even features images on how the baby transforms as weeks pass by.

Heart Health / Monitoring Apps

heart apps

1. Instant Heart Rate

The Instant Heart Rate enables you to monitor your pulse in real-time. It doesn’t require you to wear any external accessories to do so; rather, it uses the camera of your phone to instantly monitor your fingertips that are directly connected to your pulse.

2. Cardiograph

The Cardiograph is another efficient app for heart rate monitoring. With its distinct visualization, one will definitely love the way it shows details. Furthermore, the app provides different facts about the wellness of the heart which will help you keep your heart healthy.

Sleep-Related Apps

1. Lightning Bug


The Lightning Bug mobile app changes the way you wake up early in the morning. It features the soothing sounds to set your mood right together with an efficient sleeping timer to guarantee an on-time alarm system. By preventing you from hearing the same tone over again, you will surely wake up with the right mood.

2. Alarm Clock Plus

The Alarm Clock Plus features different options of alarm system. One may opt to use a NAP system while others may opt to use the Playlist system depending upon what you prefer. It allows you to efficiently manage your sleeping routine in the most efficient way possible.

3. Sleep Bot Tracker

This mobile app is very efficient for sleep pattern monitoring. With the use of its integrated alarm clock system, one will find this app multi-operational. In addition to sleeping records and efficient alarm clock system, you can also access different health and sleeping information to enhance your sleeping patterns.

Mental Health Apps

1. Speed Anatomy

The Speed Anatomy is a fun way to develop your knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. It challenges the users to point out the parts as quickly as possible. Aside from the fun, it also provides interesting facts to help users understand what is beneficial for their well-being and what is not.


Yoga and Meditation Apps

yoga android app

1. Daily Yoga

The Daily Yoga will help you to integrate workout with Yoga. With emphasis to discipline, proper posture, and focus, one will be able to develop a unique and efficient workout. This app features a detailed list of demonstrations, allowing you to perfectly follow the given guidelines.


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