Depression effects on immune system


Depression is the most common psychological problem. About all human being face the problem at least once in their life time. With other side effects of depression, depression and immune system has a very close relationship.

Depression is a mental state where the victim feels lonely and wants to live a life without anyone, including his family members. This may occur for much reason in any stage of life, although it affects most in the teenage period. A depression state for a long time is very dangerous as it may leads to suicide.

This kind of depression over a long time is known as clinical depression and the victim of clinical depression needs immediate treatment.

The effects of depression have a wide range. Beside the weak and sensitive psychological state, the depression causes some physical problems. The major change occurs in the immune system. As a side effect of depression, the patient loses his interest in eating and that causes irregular eating habit.

depression immunity and immune system effects

This tends to weak the immune system of the body. But the main problem is depression causes some uneven distribution and change in the hormone level. Among those hormones, some are directly related to the digestive organs and system of the body. So the uneven change troubles the digestion and resultants the feeble immune system. Beside the hormone levels, the tension or the depression reduces the workability of the organs that are directly related with the immune system.

Also the rate of the oxygen supply of the blood reduces due to depression and that causes a major change in the total immune system of the body as oxygen is one of the major ingredients that keep the organs fit.

The long depression can cause a permanent damage in the immune system. The problems include pain in the abdomen, problem with digest and uneven bowl movement. If it gets serious stage, it might leads to more serious problems. So it needs fast treatment.


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