Determining the Mental Illness Symptoms


Mental illness is also known as mental disorder. The mental disorder is the disability to act socially. This illness is a part of mental health which is still not fully determined by the researchers. According to the statistical data, one out of three people fall under any kind of mental illness in any stage of life. Medicine treatment is not always effective and there are many conditions where the patient needs therapy but before that a doctor or a family has to study the mental illness symptoms.

Mental Illness signs symptoms

The most common mental illness symptoms is the unusual behavior of the patient, although there are some silent symptoms which never reveal and that are more dangerous as the victim do not get proper treatment. Some of the common mental disorders include fear, anxiety, depression, mania, schizophrenia, personality disorder and many others.

Let’s check the various mental illness symptoms of above mentioned disorders. Fear or anxiety often determines if you see someone get anxious very easily over nothing. The same thing happens for the fear or phobia. They live a fearful life. In many cases the fear is occurred in the presence of any specific situation. The anxiety is more common for almost every situation.

The depression or the clinical depression last for a long time and it is a very severe mental illness. In the depression, the patient does not like to go out and spend all day inside the home. He will not have a social life and don’t want to talk to people. This may turn into very dangerous disease as many depressed victims think about suicide. The mania is situation where the patient does the same work continuously. It has a lot of similarity with the anxiety as the victim always live under constant pressure.

The schizophrenia is also a major mental illness, which occurs where the patient lose his ability to determine the reality and have delusion. If the level of schizophrenia reaches up, the patient will live in a world of dream. Personality disorder is another difficult problem. The patient of personality disorder will lose his own identity and his character will gain characteristics from other people.


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