Diabetes Mellitus Treatment


The most essential part of any human body is to feel healthy and avoid any long-term complications, especially for diabetes. This can be achieved only by maintaining the level of blood sugar in our body. There are people who keep their blood sugar level under their control just by proper healthy diet or by doing exercise. If these two possibilities do not work then insulin with a bit of high doses of medicaments are required.

Monitoring the Level of Blood Sugar in our Body

Monitoring the level of blood sugar is not at all an overwhelming job. Initially it might seem so but with proper care and practice, the task becomes very easy as well as handy. Periodic testing is required to know the level of blood sugar in our body and helps us to maintain the agreement with our doctor. The type of diabetes we have and the age bar we are in helps us to determine the range of blood sugar in our body. For adults, who are young, the level of diabetes should be 80/120 mg/dL before meal and 180mg/dL after meal. This level is only possible when the body is without much complication. For older people who have complications, their fasting level should be between 100-140mg/dL and below 200mg/dL after meal. According to the type of diabetes, the blood sugar level should be tested.

Factors that help the body maintain a constant blood sugar level are as follows:

1. Food

This increases the blood sugar level throughout the day .Intake of food also determines the level. The level changes immediately with food and the time we are taking in the food.

2. Physical activity and exercise

The more a body is into physical activity the less will be the chance to enter into complications .physical activities lowers the level of blood sugar in our body because it used up by our body as constituent of energy.

3. Medications

Medicines such as insulin and other diabetic medicines are helpful in lowering the level of blood sugar. However, there are certain medicines that affect the glucose level in our body. Medicines that increase the level of blood sugar level are corticosteroids, thiazides, niacin and many others. The mentioned medicines are for high blood pressure and cholesterol. When a person is detected of high blood pressure, the doctor is bound to make changes in the treatment of diabetes.

4. Illness

Any sorts of physical exercise and illness, generally tends to increase the level of sugar in our body .This situation occurs because our body releases certain hormones and these hormones increases the sugar level. The additional sugar present in the body helps the body to fight illness in a fast forward manner. However, this condition is not suitable for diabetic patient. A simple fever increases the metabolic activity and usage of sugar becomes high. In this way, the intake of insulin also varies during this period.

5. Alcohol

If someone takes in even 2 ounces of alcohol, the level of blood sugar falls down a lot. It has also been seen that at times alcohol raises the level of blood sugar level. One can do an activity, after taking in alcohol and before taking in alcohol, can measure the level of blood sugar content in the body. Alcohol increases the calories in our body.

6. Fluctuations in Hormone Levels

Estrogen is a female hormone, which is more responsive to insulin, and progesterone, is more resistant to insulin. Throughout the period of menstrual cycle, these two hormones fluctuate a lot and most of the women tend to go unnoticed on the level of sugar. Hormone levels also fluctuate during the peri-menopause cycle that is the period before menopause. It can be controlled without much sweat, just by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and by doing few physical activities.

Healthy Diet

Diabetes does not follow any diet as such. One does not have to stay in plane dry foods to maintain the level of sugar in the body. One just needs to have more of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Just keep in mind that all foods, which you take, should be high in the nutritive value and less in the fat and calorie content. Animal products and sweets should be avoided to certain extent but it does not mean that one should stop taking in these foods. A proper registered dietician can help us in maintain a chart. The actual theme of the story is that one should maintain the consistency with the diet chart else, it is of no use.

Heavy weight

Obesity is the biggest enemy for type 2 diabetes. One should keep a check into ones weight. More is the fat content in your body the more are the cells resistant to insulin. For person suffering from type2 diabetes, weight loss is the only way to keep the sugar level in control. In this way, the cells become receptive to insulin.


Proper intakes of medicine are the surest way of reducing the sugar level. Some of the medicines, which are taken, are insulin, which is a natural medicine. Some other drugs are: meglitinides, biguanides, alpha-glycosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinediones.


There are two kinds of transplantation for people suffering from diabetes such as pancreas and islet cells transplantation. The first one is done after or with kidney transplantation and is in practice since the 1960s. Kidney complications are the most common thing, which are seen in a diabetic patient. Hence, pancreas transplantation helps reducing this complication and restores the life of the kidney for a longer period. The second one is done with the infusion of more pancreas cell in the liver. The cells in turn start producing insulin. Islet transplantation is a way, which is cost effective, and risk factor associated with it is less. This transplantation is helpful for type1 diabetes.

The treatments of diabetes are huge and is available everywhere. People need not worry about the cost of medicine. This is one of the most common diseases now.


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