Type 2 Diabetes Causes


Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes which is referred as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) in medical terms is said to be found predominantly in adults. Thus it is often called adult-onset diabetes. Unlike Type 1 diabetes wherein the patient lacks the ability to produce enough insulin due to malfunction of beta cells, in Type 2 diabetes though the pancreas is capable of producing insulin; the body is unable to utilize it. It can be said that the body becomes resistant to insulin. This disorder is termed as insulin resistance. Due to this condition the sugar or glucose is not able to get into the body’s cells, rather it starts building up in the blood streams and gives rise to high glucose condition.

There are quite a few key causes which lead to Type 2 diabetes. The kind of lifestyle one is leading is very much contributing;

  • There are people who lead a sedentary lifestyle without any physical activity such a lethargic condition should be avoided in order to lessen the amount of pound, which gets collected in the course of time. More a person is into physical activity more are the cells energized and release of insulin is good.  The condition is such that if the person is having diabetes then either the pancreas does not produce insulin or the body does not respond to any insulin, the condition is known as insulin resistance. These conditions should not arrive.
  • Follow a non-healthy diet of too much fat & less fiber or irregular eating habits. If a person is prone to junk foods, which contains fat then he may add on adipose tissue and in due course would lead to obesity. One may ignore the fact that even obesity is a disease, so take proper care before it becomes vital and fatal for the body.
  • Indulge in smoking and consumption of alcohol. Intake of alcohol in a proper percentage is healthy but not at the cost of our health.
  • Have high level of cholesterol (combined hyperlipidemia), low ‘HDL’ < 35 mg/dL (good cholesterol) & high ‘LDL’ > 250 mg/dL (bad cholesterol)
  • Hypertension & medical disorders (metabolic syndromes) leading to cardiovascular ailment.
  • Having high blood pressure ranging from 140/90 mm Hg or above
  • Women having PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Women who have delivered a baby weighing more than 9 lbs. or previously had gestational diabetes are prone to diabetes. Children get diabetes mostly through their mother inside the womb. A pregnant woman needs loads of care as in this case it becomes hereditary and infectious. Many complications also arises.
  • If you belong to a particular community or ethnic group. It has been found that Native American’s have 25-55% chances of contacting type 2 diabetes. Also Asian & African Americans are on the road to risk. Groups like Hispanic American and Japanese American cannot be ignored. Even these groups are liable of developing the disease.
  • In type2 diabetes, the liver is unable to produce insulin or is unable to maintain the glucose level in the body. This whole system is disturbed if the diabetes is of type2. Liver is unable to break the stored glycogen into glucose.
  • Age is a factor for this particular type of diabetes. If the age of a person is more than 45 then he is liable of getting the disease. The risk factors increases as the age goes higher. The risk is more if the age is more than 65.

It has also been found with research that some people might not be suffering from diabetes actually but lack the ability to handle amount of glucose in their bodies. This condition is termed as impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). It has further been investigated that (40-45) % of people suffering from (IGT) ultimately cultivate type 2 diabetes.

Age and family history or genetics are also two of the contributing factors. Generally after the age of 45-50 one becomes prone to contacting the disease as the body becomes less efficient in pumping insulin moreover so if he/she is not following a healthy lifestyle.

Genetics is also responsible as people whose first-degree relatives have the ailment are likely to develop it themselves in later stages of their lives.

The only thing, which one can be advised, is that one need to be happy and satisfied, without many worries because even depression plays a crucial role in our body as well as mind. One should not forget to consult the doctor and take the proper medications and drugs. Many treatments are available in the market with the doctors and it is being cured if proper care is taken over the prescriptions given by the doctors. Eat healthy and exercise well – these are the only two basic mantras which will help one out to fight the disease.


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