Itchy Eyelids – Causes, Reasons, Prevention and Treatment


Itchy eyelids may be caused by any prevailing condition that may irritate or affect the eyelid. Inadequate sleep, infections and allergies are already proven to cause eyelid itch. Commonly, this condition is associated with various signs such as redness, irritation, bumps and increased production of tears.  Day to day activities is greatly affected since our eyes is one of the most important organs in our body.

An itchy eyelid is more evident and common among women and children normally due to poor hygiene and shared make-up. Most of the time, mild itch is relieved by drinking a lot of water and by washing the eyes with clean water. It is also recommended to stay away from consuming foods rich in sodium content.

Other parts of the body are also affected once the eyelids is infected and started to become itchy. A lot of accompanying symptoms comes along with itchy eyelids. Among these common symptoms are the following

  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Rough feeling in the eyes
  • Production of tears is enhanced
  • Runny nose
  • Face becomes swollen
  • Sneezing

Mild cases are easily treated however there are rare situations where symptoms indicate a very serious problem that immediately needs doctor’s assistance. Immediate medical attention is advice once the following symptoms occur:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Choking
  • Altered vision
  • Vision started to fail
  • Pain in the eye develops
  • Face, lips and tongue abruptly swell

What Causes Itchy Eyelid

Everything that irritates, reddens and inflames the eyelid can be the cause of itchy eyelid. There are even some cases that even simple lack of sleep can actually cause itchiness. The eyelids are very sensitive part of the eyes and since it is adequately supplied with nerves and blood vessels, simple irritation can immediately lead to itchiness. One way to identify when something is wrong in your eyes and your eyelids is the itch that causes your eyes to swell. Most of the common causes of itchy eyelids are the following:

  1. Swollen margin of eyelid called Blepharitis
  2. Redness of trapped oil glands in the margin of eyelid called Chalazion
  3. Viral infection in respiratory system
  4. Soreness of eye surfaces also known as Conjunctivitis
  5. Allergic reactions from dust pollen and cosmetics
  6. Stye

Risk Complications of Itchy Eyelids

  • Since itchy eyelids are normally caused by mild conditions, cases do not relatively result in permanent or lasting eye damage.
  • Most of the time, extreme scratch may damage the skin on the eyelid or may even left a scar on the ocular surface.
  • For very exceptional cases triggered by serious eye complications, permanent damage may occur once the condition is left untreated. Potential complications may include;
  1. Permanent blindness
  2. Eye scarring
  3. Increase area of infection

An itchy eyelid is an upsetting and very annoying problem. The eyes including its surrounding are sensitively delicate that every time a problem occurs, the surrounding skin easily gets dry and aggravated.

Prevention and Necessary Treatment

1. Stye – is a painful red tiny bump near your eyelashes which causes itch in your eyelids. It occurs because the oil glands in the area are blocked and one major reason why oil glands get trapped is because of poor hygiene. One of the best remedy to cure stye is to do a warm compress. It normally heals within 2-3 weeks and always avoid unnecessary rubbing around the eyes area.

2. Chalazion – looks like a lump in the eyelid and may also cause swelling and redness in the eyelids. A warm compress is also the primary remedy however, if the condition persist or gets even worse, physicians may inject steroids or may perform surgery to totally remove the problem.

3. Blepharitis – a red bump which cause severe itchiness in the eyelid. It is mainly caused by a viral infection and must be treated immediately to avoid serious problem of permanent eye damage such as blindness and other serious complications. Doctor’s advice and assistance is very necessary in the treatment process.


The conditions of your eyes are a very important matter to take seriously. The skin that surrounds it is very delicate that even small problem must be addressed immediately. Nobody wants to lose his vision that’s why, in order to determine the best remedy to take it is still best to seek doctors advice for proper treatment and medication.

In the first place, if we really love our eyes, the best and the primary thing to do is to maintain and keep a healthy and clean personal hygiene. Drinking a lot of water and avoid sharing make-up with others will also reduce chances of itchy eyelids. Basically, our everyday work and activities are greatly affected once our eyes including the eyelid gets irritated and so, in order to maximize our everyday output making our eyes healthy and clear all the time is very necessary.


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