Recognizing Depression in a Loved One


Depression can result from certain setbacks experienced in the personal life. Generally, a person with low self-esteem and overly dependent personality undergoes a change in his mental state of mind wherein he loses his/her sense of well being.  They might have experienced the death of a family member or even lived with a depressed person (can also lead to the condition).

After having seen suicides in the family, suffering from financial losses, experiencing stressful situations at work or socioeconomic status issues, the person might become moody unless there is an empathetic ear that can hear out and provide consolation. Chronic illnesses like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, or cancer; living in an environment where one might face  criticism all the time, or having just delivered a baby are few other reasons for depression.

depression in loved ones

The signs of depression are physical as well as emotional. As far as physical symptoms are concerned headaches, back pain, muscle aches and joint pain, chest pain, digestive problems, exhaustion and fatigue, sleeping problems, change in appetite or weight, and dizziness and lightheadedness are the most observed. Many doctors miss these symptoms because they appear with many other conditions as well.

Emotional signs of depression are the most noticeable and one can easily sort them out. A depressed person usually appears to be sad and dejected. A feeling of emptiness and numbness remains persistent in him/her. The sufferer loses interest in things he/she used to enjoy. One usually sees irritability, anxiety, feeling of guilt or worthlessness in these patients. Thoughts of suicide and death are the most dangerous signs of depression.

The emotional symptoms are visible more to a person who lives or spends more time with the sufferer. Such patients need an unconditional care and attention and non-judgmental listening can be a huge help. Acknowledging the fact that their state of mind may disrupt relationships can reduce the effect of different reasons that are affecting the depression.

A combined effort from doctors, family members and close friends can go a long way in curing the person. If one gets upset with their behavior then he/she should try not reacting with anger. One should talk to a suicidal person to relieve them from the thoughts and emotions they are experiencing.


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