How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally


sperm cellsTo help woman conceive a baby a man needs to have a healthy sperm count. There are chances that a man may not have sufficient amount of sperm for a successful conception. There are several factors that affect the sperm count in the reproductive organs of a male body. But mainly this condition is caused because of their improper lifestyles and it’s always better to increase the sperm count by natural precautions taken regularly rather than going for artificial treatments.

The male reproductive organs are outside the body unlike the female reproductive organs. The testicles need to be protected from getting heated due to tight undergarments, hot bath tubs, saunas, etc. Make sure that your groin area is kept at normal temperature and exposure to heat is avoided.

Mostly, men have a lifestyle that’s not the fittest and healthiest of all. Smoking is one habit that causes the sperm count to decrease if done for a longer period of time and more heavily. Drinking alcohol heavily also causes the reduction of sperm count in men. Substance abuse may also cause mutation of sperms and lower the libido in men. Hence, keep smoking and drinking to the minimum to increase the sperm count and avoid consuming drugs which are harmful.

The best way to increase fertility for men is to have food that’s rich in zinc and folic acid. Egg varieties, red meat, beans, etc. provide the nutrients to the body. Also include oysters as well in your diet as they are a good source of zinc. They also help increase the sexual drive.

Drink a lot of water; at least 8 glasses a day. Water is the best solution for the prevention of several diseases. In addition to the above, reduction in the intake of coffee, esp. black coffee, would make a good difference. Emotional stress or depression also aggravates a lower sperm count, hence try to keep your mind clam and relaxed.


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