How to avoid Stress


It’s a competitive world. Each one us feels the pressure as an outcome. This pressure leads to stress. Stress, however, cannot be defined stressed womanaccurately. It may be said that stress is a mental condition in which a person is unable to get proper sleep; begins to smoke more than then earlier; is unable to make decisions; feels tensed; is unable to relax; loses appetite. Stress can be dealt with if the following measures are taken care of.

Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes. Join laughter clubs and laugh your heart out. Do not watch TV or news. Most of the news that we hear today is bad. Agreed that we need to know what’s happening in the world but not at the cost of our mental health. The buzz on the news channels can be known after it has subsided. Even newspapers could be avoided for that matter. We don’t need to add more stress in our already stressful lives.

Exercise is another effective way of curbing stress. Stress occurs when one subject is though over repeatedly. Exercise is a sort of meditation which makes the mind free of all the unwanted worries. Work out at the gym or go jogging. Swimming too is a good stress-buster. Spare at least an hour for exercise during the day and exercise regularly.

Avoid coffee, chocolate and other caffeine stimulants which cause lack of sleep. Rap music and hard rock is also not advised. It’s disturbing to the already disturbed mind. Instead listen to soothing music. Reach out for support and talk out the problems that have been bothering you. Confining them within causes additional stress. Try breathing exercises. Conscious breathing is a sort of meditation. Deep and slow breathing relaxes the mind and the body if one concentrates on breathing only. Smoking must avoided for a stress free life.


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