How to control drinking alcohol : 8 Tips to quit Alcohol addiction

alcohol control
alcohol control

Are you an alcohol addict? Unable to control drinking alcohol? Are you looking for some tips for suggesting your beloved ones those who are alcohol drinkers? If yes, then your wish will be fulfilled after reading this article on how to control in 8 simple ways.  So without wasting a single minute go through the below mentioned suggestions.


1.Decide yourself:

First thing you have to do is to decide yourself whether to quit alcohol or not and then make a strong decision and try hard to stick on to it. Remember these Quotes ” The beginning is the most important part of any work” and ” From small beginnings come great things”.

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2.Rethink if you are not sure:

If you feel that the alcohol plays important role in your life then it will be a difficult task for you to continue further so rethink about the decision. Take time and make sure that you stick on to the the decision you have made and never change it so often. Always think in your mind ” I can do it and I will do it ” , this is you can strengthen your mindset .

dedication and determination

3.Determination and dedication:

If you decide to quit and have made up your mind then you must start working hard from that instant only. You must have dedication and determination in other to reach your target of  quitting alcohol. Never look back once you have decided to start.

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4.Initially set a small time period:

Because thinking to quit alcohol for rest of the life at one instance is not at all possible for most people. So you set up a small time period and of 1-3 months and later it can be extended. Remember the famous quote ” Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean “. Make sure that you complete the target successfully and move further.



5.During the alcohol free period :

Make sure that you tell your family members and friends regarding your decision and you can get good encouragement and motivation from them as well.  Special benefits are:

a) When you follow this step, your responsibility raises because people around you observe your moves and some may go still further by taking you as an example.

b) You will be prevented from your friends from forcing you to drink along with them.

c) During this period you will come to know the value of controlling alcohol and just recollect about the past damages that took place due to this habit, like – love break, accidents, quarrel with friends and many more.

reward yourself t shirt6.Reward yourself after success:

If you have completed alcohol control time period (1-3 months) successfully then reward yourself by buying a T-shirt or anything you like with the money you usually spend on alcohol. This will motivate you further in extending your alcohol control period.


gather information collect7.Collect, keep and gather

information about the bad effects of drinking alcohol and this will can be very helpful in strengthening your will power and dedication.
Below are some of the facts that can keep you attentive.
a) Prevent and control health problems occurred due to this habit like diabetes, liver damage and obesity.
b) You can manage and control relationship and family problems.
c) If you are a pregnant, you can protect your unborn baby.
d) You can get your legal problems  reduced that occured due to misuse of alcohol.


8.Be careful – withdrawal problems:

This is very important and must be kind in mind that some addicts have withdrawal problems where they go into shock. So consult your doctor if you are having similar problems and get required medication and lead alcohol free happy life.


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