Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure causes heart diseases. People who suffer from high blood pressure often are ill tempered and they lose their mind and get high blood pressurevery angry for petty issues. People who suffer from high blood pressure are very stressed, tensed or obese. These are considered as the major reasons for people to get diabetes and blood pressure. Blood pressures are of two types: high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Low blood pressure occurs when a person gets weak. In order to make him regain the consciousness, it becomes mandatory for others to give him or her glucose or gluconD. On the other hand, high blood pressure gets on to nerves when a person loses himself for this. People often do not indulge in fight or any kind of arguments due to the psychiatric problem of the patient because people who suffer from high blood pressure might get a heart attack as well.

Home remedies for high blood pressure are as follows:

  • Do not consume high quantity of sodium and potassium linked foods. Always eat normal vegetables
  • Oil contains cholesterol, which are in high levels and therefore, you must not consume more of it because you might end up in landing yourself for more high blood pressure and heart related diseases. Therefore, you have to avoid the high intake of oil. If you really love oil, then go for other options like unfried food and semi-dried food such as vegetables and chips should be avoided big time
  • Eat garlic, raw garlic help in eradicating the high blood pressure and helps in decreasing the levels of hypertension. Moreover, it prevents thermobiosis levels and the kick-off and slicing off of the plaque deposited in arteries.
  • Drink lemon juice 8 times a day without sugar or salt
  • Eat Indian Goose Berry (Amla), which helps in keeping your brain at normal level.



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