Cloudy Urine

cloudy urine
cloudy urine

What does cloudy urine mean ?

Normally, urine color is pale yellow or straw to amber. The color of the urine can have a wide variety of colors and are affected by many factors such as the blood in the urine (hematuria), changes in the hydration status, ingestion of a certain foods (due to food coloring) or medications (such as Vitamin B can make the urine turn green) taken and certain diseases.  A change in the normal color of the urine can mean a lot of things and warrants possible disease that the person may be experiencing

Changes in the color and clarity of the urine can be worrisome at times especially when other symptoms such as increased frequency, pain and burning sensation upon urination is present.

A variety of conditions such as bladder infection, kidney stones, pus in the urine, urinary tract infection and vaginal discharges all have a symptom of cloudy urine. Sometimes, kindey related conditions such as tuberculosis, hematuria, and pyelonephritis also have a symptom of cloudy urine.

Cloudy Urine Causes

Cloudy urine has many causes that need not be alarmed. Although some are serious while other causes are not. It is then very important when to seek professional help.

Typically, a person with cloudy urine is due to amorphous phosphates in the alkaline urine. These phosphates normally build up, precipitates thus making the urine cloudy that usually happens after drinking or eating foods high in phosphates.

Other causes of urine that is cloudy or hazy are epithelial cells from the lower urinary tract, yeast, crystal mucus, external contamination and fecal material. Gonnorrhea, a type of sexually transmitted disease can also cause the urine to be cloudy.  Proteinuria, the passing of excess protein in the urine is common especially during pregnancy and can also cause the urine to be cloudy.

Cloudy Urine in Children

Any changes in the child’s urine color and clarity of unknown cause and that cannot be linked to the child’s food or drug consumption should be reported immediately to a physician especially if the condition lasts for more than 3 days or is observed to be recurrent.

One of the causes of cloudy urine in children is diabetes. If the child is diabetes, at high risk of diabetes or may have a family history of diabetes, then the child can have c cloudy urine.

Moreover, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), a bacterial infection that begins in the urinary tract system, is the most common cause of urine to be cloudy and it tends to be cloudy urine with odor. It is accompanied by foul-smelling which is a symptom of bladder infection thus resulting to urinary tract infection.

Cloudy urine during pregnancy

During pregnancy, cloudy urine is common and can have a lot of causes. These causes can be easily treated thus does not require hospitalization while some of which can be dangerous for both the pregnant woman and her child.  Early detection for possible complications and prompt evaluation and treatment is very crucial when dealing with a pregnant woman with cloudy urine.

As we may all know, pregnancy can cause hormonal changes and dietary as well that can lead to cloudy urine. As mentioned above, dairy products and milk are high in phosphates and almost all pregnant women are required to drink milk.  Cloudy urine in pregnancy caused by high in phosphates is totally harmless and temporary that usually disappears after urination.

Cloudy Urine Treatment

Treatment for urine that is cloudy is primarily focused on the underlying condition that have had caused the urine to change its color and clarity.  Identifying the cause is definitely the first step to determine the possible treatment and interventions.

Although, cloudy urine is harmless at time, when you start to experience dysuria or painful urination, then it is time to consult a physician.  An analgesic can be helpful to relieve the pain but usually the physician would order for you to take antibiotics.

As with the case of UTI, treatment includes practicing good proper hygiene. Wiping from the front to the back rather from the back to front is wise enough to avoid contamination of other parts of the body

Seeking professional help is advisable to have a gauge of what treatment options are needed. Along with this, the physician will also discuss the prevention and outcomes of the treatment. If you have trouble passing urine this is called anuria and you can read about that in detail here.



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