Smoking Effects on the Skin


“Smoking is injurious to health – is now a well known and proven fact. From initial signs of coughing and stained teeth smoking can lead one to lung cancer or bronchitis.

But, does smoking affect our skin as well? Research says – yes. The sings of smoke affecting the skin can be seen commonly on smokers. Let’s see the different effects and dangers of smoking on the skin:

  • Because of the harmful smoke which comes in contact with the skin mainly face skin the ageing process starts and wrinkles start appearing on the skin. It also makes skin go very pale and lose its natural hue.
  • Cracked and dry lips are also common effects of smoking. Prolonged smoking can cause darkening of the lip color.smoking ageing skin effect folds
  • As smoke is inhaled by the smoker, the harmful smoke increases the level of carbon monoxide in our blood resulting in formation of radicals which stimulates skin ageing. The blood absorbs carbon monoxide a multiple times faster than oxygen; hence it decreases the level of oxygen intake and pollutes the whole body and speed ups the process of wrinkling and ageing.
  • Nicotine forces the blood vessels to constrict because of which there in improper blood circulation. The skin tissues hence are deprived of oxygen and the skin on the surface goes pale full of wrinkles.
  • The cigarette smoke when enters the body starts depleting the stored vitamin C. Vitamin C which is an anti-oxidant helps in preserving the collagen in our body which helps in keeping the sheen and shine of the skin. Because of its loss the skin starts sagging. Smoke also destroys vitamin A from the body which aids self repair of the skin in any kind of damage.

Such harmful dangers and effects of smoking are seen quickly on women smokers, because their skins are more delicate and sensitive as compared to men. Teenager’s skin is also prone to skin damage because of smoking. However, its effects are equally damaging for both men and women. One must also try to avoid passive smoking as cigarette smoke can affect the passive smokers too.


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