Natural cure for Breast Cancer


Breast cancers are incurable especially when they are at a later stage.

However, breast cancer can be prevented by adopting a balanced and healthy lifestyle breast cancerand some of the natural home remedies can be adopted to prevent the chances of breast cancer.

These natural home remedies also help to fight with the side effects of the radiation of chemical therapy which is undergone for the treatment of breast cancer.

  • Green Tea: is an effective herbal tea which helps reducing the inflammation. It often is useful during the treatment of breast cancer;
  • Garlic: has antibiotic properties and hence helps in getting rid of infections caused by bacteria, fungi, yeast etc. Garlic also contains alkyl sulphur compounds because of which it becomes a good anti-cancer agent and acts by destroying the malignant cells. It also helps in increasing the immunity. Garlic is best when had in raw form as oil or powder;
  • Broccoli: helps in fighting with cancer, because it contains a gene named linamarase, which when comes in contact with the cancer cell becomes cyanide and destroy the tumor cells completely;
  • Wheatgrass: helps in regressing cancer cells. It also increases the immune system of one’s body and helps in getting rid of toxins from the body. It can be taken in the form of juice;
  • Soyabean: contains phytoestrogens and other elements which prevent the cancer cells from using estrogen. Isoflavones is also found in soyabean which has proven to be helpful in preventing cancer at early stages. It can be consumed as sprouts or in cooked vegetables;
  • Lignans: are a kind of compounds which are found in the seeds of sunflower, cashews, flaxseed, peanuts and strawberries. They largely help in reducing the progress of cancer cells;
  • Grapes: contain proanthocyanidins, which lowers down the production of estrogen in the body. It has been tested and tried on many patients and has shown effective results;
  • Green vegetables: are highly rich in calcium and intake of calcium is recommended for reducing the risk of breast cancer. Other food items rich in calcium like orange, almond and salmon can also be consumed.


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