Why Potassium in the Diet is Important

Vitamin supplements
Vitamin supplements

Now, if you are wondering why potassium in the diet is important then this article is especially for you. Undoubtedly, we all want a good health for us and for our family. Potassium foods are very important in anyone’s diet as it is vital for your body to enable proper functioning of tissues, cells and other organs.

potassium foods and diet

Potassium also helps in balancing the water level, blood and acidity in your body as it is an electrolyte mineral.  Apart from this potassium foods are important in keeping your heart pumping and for bones and muscle tightening. Ion of potassium also plays a key role in brain nerve system and make. Over all potassium is an essential requirement for all the cells and tissues and thus its available in all the living plants and animals.

You might have noticed by now that potassium foods are very important for your body but more important part is to have a balanced amount of potassium as too much or too little both can be dangerous for your body. However, to balance the potassium you need to balance sodium and magnesium. If there is higher amount of sodium in your body which generally come from salt increase the requirement of potassium.

At the same time if you are sick and suffering from dehydration by diarrhea, vomiting or sweating can also lead you to the shortage of potassium. Some of the medicines also cause deficiency. If you have increased amount of potassium then you may suffer from Hyperkalemia. Hyperkalmia can damage you heart and it is generally caused by kidney disease or diabetes.

You have to prepare your diet chart according to the level of potassium. Chuck out the food, which contains high potassium (especially when the potassium level is too high), and if the level is below the normal standard, then you should add potassium foods in your diet chart. One can get enough potassium from number of vegetables, fruits and meats.


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