Broken blood vessels : Causes and what they mean


What is broken vessels and how it is caused?

Broken blood vessels are caused for cosmetic problems. A simple problem like bruise or bump can cause this. But before we know more about the causes and solution of the broken blood vessels, we first need to know what broken blood vessel is.

Broken blood vessel means breaking the little vessels that carry the blood. This is not a serious medical condition and can be reformed within two or three weeks without any medicine. But the timing of the cure can vary over the attacked place of the body. Most of the broken vessels lie just under the skin and so they can be picked up easily. As an effect of trauma or injury, the vessels can be broken. The broken vessels can be placed in anywhere in the body or even the sclera of the eyes.

broken blood vessels face

Most of the broken blood vessels go unnoticed, but some of them might cause light pain. Although there is no confirm treatment for broken vessels, you can use some techniques to speed up the healing process. For the first try, you can pressure up the point. The pressure will save the spot from causing more broken blood vessels. Other than the pressure, you can apply cold on the spot to stop the aggression of the breaking.

People who recently have a major trauma have more chance to face more broken vessels. The maximum possibilities of having such problem are for those who has more sensitive skin or who get bruises easily. And so the elder people have the tendency of catching broken vessels than the younger people.

Also the women have more chance to get the problem than men. Most of the time, there is no significant output of broken blood vessels, but depending on the spot, the problem might get very serious. For example, a broken vessel in the head or in the brain may be a serious problem and will need attentive medical care. And there is a big chance that, such problem might leads to the death.


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