Prostate Cancer Symptoms all Men Should Know

prostate cancer- symptomsjpg
prostate cancer- symptomsjpg

Prostate cancer is commonly found in men over the age of 40 or 50 years. It is a type of tumor or lump which is formed in the prostate gland located at the male reproductive system and can rapidly spread to other body parts.

Findings about causes of prostate cancer are still not concrete, however research shows that it comes with age and is hereditary. Men eating high amount of animal fats are more prone to prostate cancer.

Important Prostate cancer symptoms you must know:

The common prostate cancer symptom is an enlarged prostate which affects the region around bladder and lower pelvis. As the prostate swells and enlarges it pushes the urethra because of which urination problems occur. It also show signs like urgent and frequent urination, nocturia that is urge of urinating a multiple times during night time and also hesitancy when one faces difficulty to start urinating.  Some strong symptoms are deposit of fluid in the scrotum or some amount of pain in the groin, back and bottom of the abdomen.

However, an enlarged prostate does not necessarily mean a prostate cancer. Other diseases like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia also causes enlarged prostate leading to urination problems. Some other less common symptoms that are seen in prostate cancer are- blood discharged with urine or semen; erectile dysfunction or impotency; back, hips or ribs’ bone pain and lack of bladder control. These prostate cancer symptoms may occur when prostate cancer is accompanied with other health problems.

In many cases, prostate cancer has not show any specific symptom at all and a test named Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) detected the cancer. PSA is a blood test to detect specific types of protein produced by prostate. An enlarged prostate produces more of this protein, hence this test is helpful.

One must immediately consult a doctor if any of the prostate cancer symptoms are noticed. Treating prostate cancer at an early stage is always safer; hence men should do self testicle examination by keeping in mind the above mentioned symptoms.


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