Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

Difference between Vegan and vegetarian

Vegan Vs Vegetarian

In this universe people live either for eating or eat for living. Whatever their preference would be there are many people who restrict themselves to some certain diet plans either because of their liking, aptitude or because of their need. Some people prefer to eat meat and its produce while others strongly dislike it. On this basis they are classified into three major groups, one of them is called the vegetarians.

Difference between Vegan and vegetarian


Vegetarians are those people who prefer vegetables in their diet and avoid meat and its products. There are further sub divisions of vegetarians and they are,


This term is usually used to describe those people who are vegetarians but consume dairy products as well, for example chicken, egg and fish but they do not eat any other animal meat.


They are the strictest vegetarians who never consume any animal product or by product. Some of them go so far that they even do not eat honey and yeast and even avoid wearing cloth made from animal products.


They are those vegetarian who do not eat meat, fish, poultry or sea food but consume milk and eggs. This type of vegetarians contains the majority of vegetarian people.


They are in fact vegans if they do not eat eggs.


They are distinguished from vegans as they consume milk.

Basic difference between Vegan and vegetarians

After mentioning their types it is clear that vegans are those who strictly restrict themselves from any type of animal’s by product even clothing while vegetarians do consume animal’s products.

Reasons of being vegetarians

It is observed that most of vegetarians do not consume animal’s product as they consider it unethical to kill innocent animals for their usage. Their concern is that if animal by product are brought to market then planet future resources are harmed. Some people do not eat specific type of meat due to their religious obligations. For example : Hinduism does not allow its followers to eat cow meat as this animal is sacred for them. Advantages of being vegetarian are :

  • Vegetarian diet is low in fat so it protects people from diseases because of low saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • It minimizes the risk of coronary artery disease.
  • It is also helpful in curing the intensity of coronary artery disease.
  • It gives clear skin and healthy hair.
  • It contains low density lipoprotein cholesterol level and total serum cholesterol.
  • Vegetarians are less in danger of being the patients of hypertension.
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2 is much less in vegetarians.
  • They have low tendency of catching lung or colorectal cancer as reduced colorectal cancer risk is associated with the maximum consumption of fiber, fruits and vegetables.
  • It is observed that those women who are vegetarians have lower level of estrogen.
  • In renal disease it is observed that a well planned vegetarian diet is quite handy.
  • The best advantage that vegetarians are having is the intake of no cholesterol which prevents them from many deadly diseases.

Disadvantages of being vegetarians

Different vegetarian people depict different problems and challenges depending on their preferences and circumstances, any how many issues are same.

  • They face difficulty while finding restaurant to eat at as some places have limited collection of vegetarian food.
  • They deal with close minded people.

How vegetarians overcome their deficiency of protein?

It is thought that those people who are vegetarians must suffer from the deficiency of protein and ultimately suffer with anemia and other concerned problems. There are certain food items that are not by product of animal but contain sufficient amount of proteins.

Those who are vegetarians must consult a nutritionist in order to educate themselves what they should include in their diet in order to overcome the deficiency of protein. There are two distinct ways of overcoming this deficiency either with the usage of supplements or usage of that food items that contain protein. There are certain food items that are rich in protein and ought to be used in diet rather than going for supplements and they are;

Whole grains

Whole grains are the best alternate of protein and among them quinoa is the queen. Other whole grain items that contain protein are brown rice, barley and grain bread, beans and nuts.

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