Alcohol Screening Tests and Alcohol Drug Tests

Sobriety tests such as one-leg stand, heel-to-toe walking

In recent years, one of the most issues that are controversial in the workplace is the topic regarding alcohol and drug testing and screening. This is a program that had created a debate among workers, lawmakers and employers over the options made for safety versus the right for privacy.

Although this issue is seen as never ending, still many drug testing industries continue to increase the number of people being required to undergo through these tests. There are as well significant changes on the methods of screening.

What is the test all about?

Drug and alcohol screening mainly refers to a procedure that tests the amount of alcohol and drug substances that are elicit and are currently inside an individual’s system. In fact, there various types of screenings that are used in a variety of settings such as in a certain workplace or in the law enforcement field. The technology behind this testing procedure has also become more advanced and credible. The testing facilities nowadays are more capable in determining whether an individual has used alcohol or drug via various body fluids like saliva, urine and blood.

Common Test Setting

Drug and alcohol testing is made in a certain place such as laboratory. Here, all the equipments needed for testing are available. This kind of test is commonly required by the following:

1. Law Enforcement

  • When a person is suspected of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, they are given a test through a breathalyzer exam given by the police officer who had encountered them. This test is actually the most common form of screening. In addition, if an individual who had committed a crime may also undergo a screening procedure that will conclude if they were under the influence of any substances during the incident.

2. Employer

  •  Many companies that are hiring employees are requiring various testing like drug and alcohol tests as a part of pre-employment requirements. The private companies are having rights to make this certain action for an assurance. There are also some jobs that require a person to maintain a level of safety awareness such as truck driver positions. In this case, the employer may prefer to conduct random drug and alcohol testing.

3. Athletic Commission one

  • “Hot topic” in the world of sports over the past and until now is the use of performance enhancing drugs. This issue is often normal in the career of professional athletes. The varying sports leagues are having diverse policies and punishments but despite of the efforts of some athlete labor groups, the drug test has become a requirement in the life of people with higher rank and positions.

Why Drug and Alcohol Testing Important?

Many would see this kind of testing as a civil liberty violation but the process will always remain important for many reasons. For others that there are still questions on the public safety and drug screening can mean divergence linking life and death. If a person is being entrusted with a position of truck driver for instance, it is always vital they should be sober while they are on duty. Even those traded companies are also considered as fertile grounds for alcohol and drug screening.

One reason is that; employees who are abusing substances and are engaged in the same activity may create a huge impact on the work merchandise. Lastly, the testing can as well ensure that whoever are found addicted to certain substances will be guided and treated immediately.

Living with drug addiction and alcoholism means that a person may be in a profound state of defiance about their current condition. It can as well sometimes help a person realize that the test will create a huge impact towards a new life.

Avoiding the Test

There are some people in old days that are afraid of undergoing a test since they know that the test might result positive. This would make them ask someone that is not using drugs and alcohol to provide them urine instead of their own. This will surely create a clear result. But now, time had changed and anyone cannot fool a test procedure.

What if the Test Reveals Positive Result?

Once an individual is found positive on the drug and alcohol test given, their current career will be on high risk.  The result is also depending on the situation but the best course of action is an immediate medical attention. Most often, a rehabilitation center can provide the best cure for drug and alcohol addiction. This place is the perfect setting in addressing both the psychological and physical components of the patient.

For people whose jobs are at risk, there is a program in which a way to be abstemious and learn the ways required to stay on that job.


CAGE test is one of the most popular yet the oldest screening tool for people abusing alcohol. This is a short questionnaire composed of 4 questions. Since denial is usually accompanied by alcohol problems, this test asks questions regarding common problems associated with drinking rather than the quantity of consumed alcohol. The positive result will be determined by “2 yes” answers.

However, this test may have disadvantages; it is often accurate for white and middle-aged men and may not be very precise for identifying the real problem. But whatever are the tests given, it is always vital to avoid drinking when you know that it might greatly affect your job. This could affect your entire lifestyle, relation to family, friends and co-workers.

Other Tests Given to Detect Alcohol and Drugs

Another analysis to detect alcohol and drug is the “hair follicle test”. It is a procedure that uses a hair follicle to detect current and past history of substance use. The drug residues can will remain and go through the blood and can sink on edges of hairs and stays there until you will have your hair cut. The drug and beverage can still be found even after 4 weeks of consumption.

Check out alcohol screening tests by alcohol drug testing devices. These devices are good for alcohol monitoring

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor test (SCRAM): This bracelet draws in sample of sweat vapor from person’s skin every 30 minutes

In ‘fuel cell’ test, there is an electric charge that shows if alcohol is present

Once a day, bracelet automatically radios test data to home base station
Base station sends data to authorities via phone line


Here are the other Alcohol testing kits that you should know

Alcohol Blood Test

Blood is drawn or (indirect version) swab collects saliva, which contains alcohol from blood.

Alcohol breathalyzer tests

Some devices use fuel cell test for alcohol; some measure infrared light absorption for alcohol breath testing.

Alcohol drug tests by police

Sobriety tests such as one-leg stand, heel-to-toe walking
Sobriety tests such as one-leg stand, heel-to-toe walking
Eye nystagmus (eyes twitch while watching a moving object)



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