How To Tell If A Hymen Is Torn or broken

Broken Hymen Picture
Broken Hymen Picture


The hymen is a mucous membrane circling the vaginal opening. Physiologically speaking, its function is overlooked most of the time. And truthfully speaking, a female will only be concerned about her hymen when it is torn, lacerated, or too thick that it nearly covers the entire vaginal opening.

Hymen can be ruptured if a female experiences her first sexual intercourse; regular use of tampons; use of vaginal speculum for medical examinations; regular strenuous physical exercise; injury or trauma; and even physical abuse [1].

Hymen Picture

Yes, we know the probable causes of tearing a hymen, but one thing we are not sure of is how to identify whether a hymen is torn or not.

Well, you came to the right site. By the end of this article, you will be able to know how to determine an intact or lacerated hymen.

Sociocultural Views on Torn Hymen

In a sociocultural view, a torn hymen is often linked to a woman’s virginity.

Nowadays, sex is viewed as a normal activity and is sometimes considered to be a part of physiologic needs. This is the case for most Western countries. A torn hymen is no big deal for them. A big deal for them is if you reach your 20’s and you are still a virgin. For them, that is the unusual and funny story.

Contrary to the Western countries, Eastern countries most especially the Arab and Islamic countries frown upon unmarried women who have torn hymen.

For them, you are a total disgrace to your family if your virginity is lost before you get married. Having sex outside marriage will make the woman look and feel disgusting. Everybody will look down on you and your family. [2]

There are cases when women are penalized of having a sex outside her marriage by only words of mouth, without  any proof or evidence. Sadly, there are also cases where the death is the ultimate price for this. For them, it is the only way to restore the honor of the family. [2]

Proof of Virginity

Many believe that an intact hymen is an indicator of a female’s virginity. Well, this is a myth.

A hymen can be torn or lacerated not only due to first sexual intercourse. It may be torn even before a female she encounters her first sex. Sports, tampons, vaginal speculums, and injury are only some of the factors that could do it [1].

The thing is, not every female is born with a hymen. One out of one thousand females do not have hymen at birth [3]. So would you say that those babies are not virgin just because they don’t have hymen? No, you won’t.

Hymen does not always tear and bleed after sexual intercourse.

Research says only 43% of women who had their first sex encountered bleeding [4]. So what happened to the other 57%? Are they still virgins because their hymen did not tear and bleed? Of course not.

Moreover, 19% of sexually active women do not have obvious tear or abnormality in their hymen [5].

The hymen is not a reliable indicator of a female’s virginity. Hymen may be present or not in a female’s external genitalia. A female may bleed or not due to sexual intercourse. Her hymen may tear or not due to sexual intercourse. Not all females with intact hymen are virgin.


Hymen: Is It Intact or Not?

You can easily determine if your hymen is torn or not by a very simple method, for which you need not go to a gynecologist. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water. Use gloves, as needed. Lubricate your finger.
  • Take a mirror, sit on a chair and spread your legs. Place the mirror in front of your vagina for proper view. You will have to change your position or the angle of the mirror for a proper view. Once you are set, and is able to see the vaginal opening, use your index and middle finger to spread the labia. This will open up the cervical opening for having a complete inside view.
  • Inside the opening, you will get to see your hymen. Try to identify it without poking your finger into the opening. After spreading the labia, the hymen should be clearly visible. Usually, hymen is moon-shaped, thin tissue on the lower part of the cervical opening towards the anus. The size and shape of the hymen may differ from person to person.
  • If you are still not able to see the hymen then gently insert you middle finger into the opening to feel it. If the insertion of finger up to the second knuckle of your finger does not cause any pain, and you are able to move it inside easily that means the hymen is broken.
  • Wash your hands after checking.
  • Two finger test or virginity test is performed by doctors to detect a ruptured hymen.

What To Do if you have a Torn Hymen

  • Do not bother. Leave it as it is. Tearing of a hymen is very common and normal to lives of almost all women.
  • Apply ice on the vaginal area to stop the bleeding and to help ease the pain [1].
  • Do not use tampons for a while.
  • Before engaging into sexual intercourse, allow your hymen to heal [1].
  • Women can also try an artificial hymen, which adheres to the inside of the vagina giving it a temporary appearance of an intact hymen [6].
  • If you want your hymen to be repaired or reconstructed, consult a surgeon for hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty. But this may not last long because your normal life and daily activities may cause it to be torn anyway [7].

When to Seek Medical Attention

Hymen rupture does not cause profuse bleeding. If you experience an excessive bleeding for a prolonged period of time, consult your doctor. This may be an indication of a vaginal tear or cervical cancer.

Postcoital bleeding or bleeding after a sexual intercourse can occur in conditions like cervical dysplasia, gonorrhea, cervical polyps, vaginal yeast infection, uterine polyps, chlamydia, vaginitis, trichomoniasis, endrometritis and fibroid tumors.

Consult your gynecologist for better inspection and appropriate treatment.


See this for further detailed  information —> Hymen – Location, Pictures, Surgery, Repair and Broken Hymen





  1. Hi! I did the steps to see if your hymen is torn but I am a bit confused. When I spread the labia I could clearly see my hymen. It sort off shoots out of the vagina with a little whole in it, it kind of looks like a butthole (it looks a lot like a fimbriated hymen). When i “push” like I am going on the toilet to poop I can see the little hole in my hymen getting bigger…and it looks more zig-zag. I can insert a finger in the whole without feeling any pain…and I can go in really deep. Is my hymen intact? I can cleary see it when I’m relaxed, thats when the hole looks small…but when I “push” it does get bigger and looks zig-zag…but thats normal right? but I can also put a finger inside it. Did I tear it? Can I have an itact hymen if I can see it when spreading my labia (it looks like a fimbriated hymen when relaxed…and zig-zag when I “push”), and put a finger inside it?

    • It sounds like your hymen is intact. But honestly, it does not matter because hymen’s are broken or torn early in life for many natural reasons.

      • Is my hymen broken.?
        I’ve never had sex (though I have masturbated myself outside the vagina since i was 15). now i am 26. I know technically even if my hymen is broken that I am still a virgin. But in my culture/religion (especially if I marry someone from my culture) they would expect me to bleed my first time.

        I know there are ways to self check, but I can’t tell exactly from the pics online. I do have a full moon shape surrounding my vagina opening, but when I push out my body (as in when I just sit normally I see the full moon shape, but when I breathe out it expands that section so that the top part kinda goes out of shape…the bridge to make the circle goes out upwards, so the shape becomes more half moon instead from the bottom). However, just inside the vagina opening, I can still see a pink kinda bridge thing, so even though on the outside it expands up, inside I can see a thin pink layer going across the opening from the inside (but I also see other pink material inside). I don’t know though if just inside I’m seeing the folds of the vagina walls or the hymen. And on the outside, I do have the moon shape until I push out and it becomes half moon shape on bottom with the top curving upwards.

        I was thinking of going to my local doctor and maybe seeing if it’s still in tact but I don’t know, I might be making it into a big deal for nothing.So I thought I might ask here and see first.

      • Hi, i want to know if my hymen is broken or not.. I have inserted a cucumber in my vagina but it doesn’t bleed and no pain. i had never sex i am single and i am worried about this.plz tell me.i can show you pics of my vagina in personal msg

      • Heyy um one day I was riding my bike and uh I fell off the seat onto the frame really hard, there was blood and I did the finger test. I put 1 finger in and it doesn’t hurt and I’m really scared because me and my boyfriend are planning to lose it together and I’m scared of bloood and pain I just wanna know if it’s there or not ;-;

      • Hey Steve how can ine break their viginity..ive been trying with my boyfriend and it doesnt seem to work

  2. hi , i’m really worried about my virginity because it’s really important in my culture > i was ignorant about the concept when at night i pressed the tip of my finger to the first knuckle in my vaginal opening i did’t feel any pain at the time but in the morning i found blood in my underware and i was sore for 3 days after > does that mean i broke my hymen ? and if it does will i still bleed if i had intercourse for the 1st time? > i tried to check for myself and i can see a skin covering my whole vagina but its open on top and when i wash i can feel water inter ? please answer quickly > thanks for your help

  3. Today I landed right on an upright thin fence when my leg slipped while I was climbing over it. I ended up with a leg on either side. It hurt like hell and there was a little bit of blood around my vaginal area. It really hurts because it is most definitely bruised. I don’t want to check if my hymen is intact yet because my vagina area hurts when I touch it. Do you think my hymen might be broken. Call me crazy but I would be relieved because it saves me the trouble of doing it in the future. It did hurt like hell but I never cry because of pain and all I did was grit my teeth and say ow a bunch before the pain subsided. I only get pain when I touch it which kinda makes trousers a problem but what do you think? Is my hymen torn?

  4. Hi. I think my hymen has already ruptured but I have not had sex till date,neither have I done any strenuous physical exercise. I have no clue how all this happened. Can you help me please

  5. My daughter is 4 years old ..while using water to clean her in toilet..the water stream was strong and there is a few drops of blood and she said she felt like a pain in her vaginal area ..back at home I made her spread her legs and used a strong light to check out ..I found no bleeding and I spread her labia ..however I couldn’t see any rupture I saw her vaginal opening completely closed with a membrane (I even compared it with my vaginal opening which looks like a dark tunnel when you look at it ) but everything is closed and I saw it looks like folded membrane with some skin traces around ..and no pain ..but next day I found a drop of blood in her panty did I broke her hymen or just little rupture or I hit another spot and caused bleeding?

  6. hello sir i need ur help.I have sexual intercourse with my girlfriend 3 to 4 times but she did not get bleeding so i need to know that she is still virgin or not?i just want to know how to check it? And Is ther any idea for healing? waiting 4 ur fast reply

  7. I had sex and my partner entered without rousing me or making me wet……i bled….a little tho…however my hymen looks alot like a fimbriated hymen……..i want it to be a bit wider so that intercourse is not a problem

  8. Okay I got drunk w a guy and don’t remember. I use to masturbate a lot and ever since that night I’ve been pain. I just got two fingers inside myself without any pain, but I use to only be able to use one. I WAS A VIRGIN. Help?

    • We have a lady gynecologist / Plastic Surgeon who performs hymen reconstruction surgery -and are very serious about your confidentiality level.Hymen repair surgery,hymen restoration to tighten and restore to a more intact hymen, for national and international patients.

      The surgical options will be discussed with you and adequate choices given to you related to the type of procedure and choice of hospital at Delhi,India where we do our routine surgeries. We perform hymen repair surgery at New Delhi, which can also be done on same day – office surgery using general or local anesthesia. The material that we use to stitch the hymen during repair, is dissolvable, so you do not need to have them removed.

  9. I kinda tried doing stuff with my boyfriend but I don’t let him go in really cus it hurt. So I tried doing the finger test to test if my hymen is still intact but I was too scared to go so in but it hurt a bit when my finger wenter in…and u still feel it after removing my first get. Is my hymen still intact?

  10. Hello
    Mine is similar to “worried girl”. When I seperated my labia there was something shooting out with a line on it, dividing it into two but there was this colour from my vaginal like a brown vaginal discharge

  11. i followed the steps stated here but i still don’t understand what the hymen looks like. The vaginal hole is pinkish and really tiny, i am even scared of putting my finger inside.

  12. i tried doing some play with my boy friend and I started bleeding seriously but when asked him he said he didn’t penetrate me and I didn’t feel any pain. what could be the problem?

    • Your hymen could have still easily been broken he could have accidentally put his finger in you or you accidently did that. Apparently your hymen is only like half an inch away from the opening of your vagina so it could have easily been torn.

  13. I am 33 years old. I have never been in multiple sex relationships nor intercourse with man in my life. The problem is that I could never use a tampon during my period not only that I happen to be a virgin but the possibility that there might have been a micro- perforated hymen or the other kind that might make it difficult to use tampons. Could masturbation or vaginal self massage naturally stretch the hymen? I already do self-vaginal massage and noticed a little bleeding now and then. In despite of having the risk for ovarian cyst, menorrhagia-metrorrhagia, and dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) is also the why reason I used self vaginal massage for therapeutic purposes not pleasure or sex. The menorrhagia-metorrphaigia is a bleeding condition of the period that might raise a concern for a blood disorder when I get older.

    • I am very proud of you. A virgin at the age of 33 my god bless you.Don’t lose hope then end up letting a man break your virginity because of desperation .you a good example to all of us and I take something from you.keep it up because this you will teach your children and your grandchildren

  14. Okay in the beginning of 2016 I almost had sex with a guy through anal but he was never able to penetrate because I told him no but when I went to the bathroom I saw a little bit of blood on my underwear (he was not gentle the first time he tried) is my hymen okay even though I know for a fact he tried to go through anal?am I still a virgin? He even had a condom on with lubricant.but he never got in

  15. Please I need help soon!
    My bf and I had fore play yesterday. He rubbed his penis between my vagina without inserting it to my vagina. He did it so long. When we stood up, We could see a drops of blood in the bed sheet. I was so scared whether my hymen was broken or not because of that. He told me, that was his blood from penis injury due to hard rubbing. but I couldn’t see any clear wound of his penis. He checked my vagina and said that I have my hymen yet. But when I see my hymen through phone camera, its not like before. Before I had in my vagina a clear hymen which is round shaped pink thing, but below it I could see an opening with small balls like things. I don’t know what was that. After yesterday when I was checking, I couldn’t see my hymen very clearly. I can’t say whether it’s torn or not. Plz help me!!! I can send my pics and videos privately. Can anybody say whether it’s torn or not plz??

  16. I was fingered by my boyfriend yesterday but it was painful so I told him to stop, he said he didn’t penetrate my vagina but I am still bleeding, I just followed your method of checking if it is intact but I didn’t put my finger in it, I saw the hymen and hole but the blood is not coming out through the hole of the hymen, I also noticed that If there is a little opening between my hymen and my vagina wall about a finger size and the blood is coming out from there.
    I want to know if i have a broken hymen
    Am I still a virgin?
    and if I will bleed when I finally have sex.

  17. i am 23 years old and i tried to have sex with my girlfriend who is a virgin and my penis could not enter in her vagina, i got afraid so that i am sexual unable. Once i tried to do sex with another girl who was sexually active….and my penis entered easily, now i am wondering about the there any hymen which strong enough so that can not be overcome by penis erection…please help me and answer me thx

  18. confused girl…i have the same problem as you, saw a doctor who checked and said the hymen is broken(am very sure my boyfriend didn’t insert his penis, cos if he did i wud see it),i feel bad up till date,i think the best thing is to relax and discontinue any form of sexual act (both rubbing of penis, fingering or masturbating)…lets pray and hope it still remains tight….my own issue is to bleed on my first time

  19. Comment: my b/f tried to have fun with me, as we are having fun, he tried to put his penis into my vagina. but it could not enter, but after we finished, realise there was blood not too much of blood. please can i still say am still a virgin?

      • I played with my boyfriend with rubbings and fingers when he tried to enter me a lot of blood came out even when my vagina looks almost the same……Am I still a virgin?

      • same thing applies to me, there was no penetration inside my vigina, it was just outside of it but after that
        i found some small blood in my panty, am i still avirgin or not

  20. Hello am 19yrs I checked my hymen using ur method but there was an opening in my vigina I only saw a thin layer shaped lyk a half moon at de lower part of my vigina .am getting married did yr and am scared to no if my hymen is broken cos I only saw it at only the lower part could u help me identify if it is already broken cos I be promised my fiance that I would give him my virginity pls reply me soon

    • If you’re trying to ask if you put your own finger into your vagina yes i think you would be a virgin; it was not someone else’s finger. That’s just my opinion, though.

  21. Comment:A guy tried to rape me so i struggle with him but he ends up dipping his penis into my anus and f*ck me so hard and now my boyfriend want to check if i am still a virgin, please am i still a virgin?

  22. Plz my Bf inserted his finger into my vagina last year, n I didn’t feel any pain but saw drops of blood after, very little but
    have been bothered ever since then, I hope my hymen is still intact and I hope blood will Kum out after my first sex, please I need a reply immediately

  23. I wont say how old i am but when i was younger, i was raped by my cousin. He did not insert his penis but he rubbed against my vagina. I want to know if i am still a virgin and if this is counted as my first time. Please, someone, help answer my questions. Thank you!
    Also, me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years and have decided to lose our virginity together. Only problem is….im not sure if i am a virgin or not. I went to the doctor and she said my hymen was not broken. My boyfriend and i had sex but i started to bleed a lot. It was like i went through menstruation through a whole week. I got really scared and decided to schedule an appointment with my genealogist. She said it was completely normal but im not sure if it should bleed this much. He tried just eating my vagina but it bled in his mouth. It was disgusting and embarrassing.
    We are still together but im really scared of what might happen next time we have sex together. Please help me.

      • Thanks for your reply Dear Doctor,
        On the first sex (Intercourse), I did not see any bleeding and as I checked my hymen it was like the photo on the lift in the above two photos and as my husband checked my vagina before intercourse, there was no hole visible at all.
        Before we did sex we done the following:
        1: More Power Play, Vagina was lubricated from natural Lub and we have not used any artificial lub.
        2: My husband Penis size is 3.9 Inch length and 3.5 Inch girth when erect.
        3: I feel a little bit pain.
        So, Could you please tell me what will the problem, why it did not bleed?

  24. Comment:please help me, me and my girlfriend is just having fun yesterday and I fingered her harder…. buh what i observe is that when my finger enter her vagina, I felt something like a small stone and I continue fingering her, after some minutes, that tin was removed…. I just want to know that is she a virgin or am I d one that broke her hymen……. please I want a quick reply

  25. On the first sex (Intercourse), I did not see any bleeding and as I checked my hymen it was like the photo on the lift in the above two photos and as my husband checked my vagina before intercourse, there was no hole visible at all.
    Before we did sex we done the following:
    1: More Power Play, Vagina was lubricated from natural Lub and we have not used any artificial lub.
    2: My husband Penis size is 3.9 Inch length and 3.5 Inch girth when erect.
    3: I feel a little bit pain.
    So, Could you please tell me what will the problem, why it did not bleed?

  26. Hey Steve
    I have been doing doggy with my bf just twice though.. In those period.. I do bleed and my lower abdomen aches.. But whenever i try to take a look at my vagina after raising the labia.. I see no hole.. Have tried using my hand but i don’t think am inserting my finger in the right place

  27. A guy and I were having some fun then he started fingering me and he rubbed his penis on my vagina but has time went on he was trying to insert which i felt pain so I told him to stop after that I realised I was bleeding only for it to stop for some few minutes but when I insert my finger there some little blood comes on my finger. Does it mean am still a virgin?

  28. Can anybody tell me what I should do- i think my labia miNora is torn and also I m just 18 never had sex til now .it hurts sometimes .It’s been several months still not healed

  29. I’m scared that I broke my hymen with a tampon! Can someone please tell me if I still am one or not? Can I send a pic private

  30. I’m was on my period just started and My boyfriend didn’t know.. he tried to put his penis inside me and it hurt.. he said he can feel it inside but I didn’t I told him just the tip.. I’m scared that my hymen broke since he just put the tip in.. I saw blood but not sure if it’s from my period or not.. would I be able to send a picture to see if I still am one? I so scared!


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