Best nutrition and fitness tips for pregnant women


This article is exclusively for pregnant women regarding their nutrition, health and fitness. More importantly you have to be so cautious and careful since your baby inside is also depending on you. So follow these best and top tips to enjoy safe and healthy pregnancy period.


  1. Tip 1

    Take care of your food nutrition:

    you must take healthy foods and be cautious on what you drink and eat. Some important points to help you:

    a) Drink more water and make sure that your diet contains fiber rich foods to prevent constipation problem.

    b) Diet containing folic acid supplement is generally recommended since they contain prenatal vitamins.

    c) Don’t skip breakfast and make a note that vitamin B and Iron is also essential.

    d) Don’t go for junk foods and remember that in pregnancy period you need extra 300 calories each day; this can be achieved only if you take nutritious and healthy diet.

    e) Eat Banana: this habit will help you to prevent retaining of water in your body and helps you in preventing swelling of feet and hands since bananas contain good amounts of potassium. pregnant woman tips

  2. Tip 2

    Stop drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking

    during your pregnancy at any cost. Also avoid persons who are smoking near you. Remember, second hand smoke is much dangerous than first hand smoke.

  3. Tip 3

    Fitness and exercise tips:

    a) Never try to attempt in doing tummy exercises, sit ups and crunches.

    b) Mild exercises are enough and daily walk is best one.

    c) Don’t try to lift objects that are heavy in doing exercises.

  4. Tip 4

    Some more special tips and suggestions :

    a) Rest is essential for pregnant women and if you are doing any work then take breaks between your works and relax. Try to do yoga and meditation.

    b) Maintain your weight: keep your weight in control and avoid too many fluctuations in your weight.

    c) Avoid all kinds of chemicals like bug sprays, paint, pesticides and so on and never inhale them.

    d) Speak to your doctor or nurse regularly and try to clarify all your doubts and follow their suggestions regularly.


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