Itchy Eyes – Causes, Reasons, Prevention and Treatment

itchy eyes allergy

Itchy eyes occur due to several reasons and oftentimes, we keep on scratching to lessen the itch. Many of us tend to neglect that rubbing the eyes to get rid of itch may also cause puffiness and redness including watering of the eyes. Generally, the number one rules whenever we feel itch is to avoid rubbing or even touching it.

Poor hygiene is also one of the most triggering factors of itchy eyes. Make sure that your hands are clean enough before touching the most important organ in your body. Sharing of make-up must also be avoided as it transmits infection from one person to another.

itchy eyes allergy

Initial Treatment for Itchy Eyes

  • Apply cold compress all over the eyelids for immediate relief.
  • A cold potato or cucumber is a good alternative to lessen the itch
  • Always drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated
  • Avoid foods high in salt content instead take foods rich in fatty acids as it alters inflammation including eye puffiness.

Precautions on How to Control Itchy Eyes

  1. In order to lessen the occurrence of itch in your eyes, always bear in mind some of the safety measures listed below:
  2. Be watchful every time the weather changes as well as from pollen grains, pets fur and dust particles.
  3. Avoid drinking too much alcoholic drink, on the contrary sufficient amount of clean water is important to keep the body hydrated all the while.
  4. Make sure to utilize hypo-allergenic make-up and make it a private personal kit to avoid infection
  5. Use clean towel or handkerchief all the time.
  6. Thoroughly wash your eyes with clean water before bedtime to remove impurities that may trigger itch and allergy.

These are just simple ways on how are we going to prevent itch in our eyes. However, if itch occur and continues to persist immediately seek doctor’s advice for proper treatment and medication. You may not know itch is already a sign of a serious eye problem. In many occasion, itchy eyes are early signs of allergies.

Disease involving conditions of the eyes such as Blepharitis and dry eyes also triggers itch. It is very important to identify the root cause of itchy eyes especially if it is not caused by any allergic reactions. Poor conditions of the eyes along with extreme itch can lead to serious problem such as blindness or spread of infection.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Once the itch is due to allergens, prescribed eye drops will solve the problem
  2. Never rub your eyes. It will just worsen the condition.
  3. A visit to an optometrist before utilizing any medication is more recommended compared to self-medication
  4. Any eye solution must be kept away from the mouth.
  5. Serious eye problem must be treated and checked by a licensed physician.

When it is Considered Serious and Severe ?

1. Injured Cornea – a scratch in the outermost layer can cause itch in the eyes. A mild injury cure itself but an itch along with pain, sensitivity to light and blurred vision is already something else. Doctor’s care is needed at once.

2. Dry Eyes Disorder – less tears is produced as people gets older that is why dry eyes is very evident to older ones. Dry eyes affect the clearness of your vision and among of its prevailing symptoms are scratchy and sandy sensation.

3. Eyelid Inflammation – can lead to very itchy eyes as oil glands are blocked that may lead to serious infection.

4. Corneal Infection– infection is mainly due by an injury, fungi or bacteria in the eye. The infection may trigger redness, pain, blurred vision, discharge and too much itch. Corneal disorder is said to be the greatest risk of wearing contact lenses. An anti-bacterial eye drops and treatment is used by many ophthalmologists to solve the problem.

5. Pink eye – this is an eye condition which contribute redness to the eyes. Aside from itch, a lot of discharge and irritation will occur once the pink eye is brought about by a virus.

Important Facts on Eye Allergies

Allergic reaction develops once your eyes are exposed to allergens. The reaction pushes the release of histamines which causes watery and itchy eyes. Scratching or rubbing your itchy eyes is highly not suggested as it only aggravates the situation. As you scratch your eyes more histamine is produce which actually worsen signs and symptoms. Eye allergies is said to be hereditary. It can also convey other problems including pink eye and asthma.

Common signs and symptoms of eye allergies include the following:

  1. inflamed red eyes
  2. runny nose
  3. coughing and sneezing
  4. itchy mouth or throat
  5. headache

More Useful Information

  • Constantly vacuum your home to get rid of allergens
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Keep pets out of your area
  • Avoid staying outdoors when time of pollination
  • Make sure to keep makeup away from your eyelids
  • Utilize artificial tear eye drops to overcome dry eyes



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