Physical Symptoms of Stress and anxiety

Physical Symptoms of Stress and anxiety

Stress has become an integral part (albeit negative) part of almost everyone’s life nowadays. Although, its major impacts are emotional and mental, it is also accompanied by a number of physical symptoms.

These symptoms start a vicious cycle as these signs can make one more stressed (which in turn increases the severity or the number of physical symptoms experienced). Knowing the physical symptoms of stress allows one to act better if he/she (or his/her family member or friend) is suffering from the problem. Stress is accompanied by following physical symptoms:

  • Palpitations which is the sensation of heart beating in a stronger or faster manner. This feeling is also experienced when an individual is afraid or excited. One might think that they are having a heart attack but some deep breaths and positive thoughts can allow it to subside.
  • Anxiety and/or stress trigger the body to produce sweat which can also occur during occurrences of embarrassment, anger or fear.
  • Trembling is common experienced by many and one might also feel that his/her legs are wobbly or rubbery.
  • A stressed person might also experience breathing discomfort or shortness of breath. This is because stress causes the body to react like it does in danger (tightening and tensing of muscles). All the oxygen rushes away from the brain and goes in the muscles to ease the discomfort felt. It is also called as an adrenaline rush and shouldn’t be taken as suffocation.
  • The sufferer might also experience that he/she is feeling a lump in the throat and there is difficulty in swallowing. Many fear that they might choke but it should be taken as a symptom of stress.
  • The stressed might also experience mental fatigue which occurs due to the emotional anxiety experienced during the stressful circumstances. Caffeine might seem a solution to the problem but it actually aggravates the condition by causing more stress and fatigue.

Other physical symptoms of stress/ anxiety include skin problems, asthma, sleep disturbances, muscle tension, muscle pain, joint pain, aches and digesting problems.


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