Root Canal Treatment and Procedure

root canal
root canal

Dental Root Canal Procedure

Having some problem on our teeth cannot be avoided. In this case, there are many dental procedures to maintain our teeth’s completeness.  One way to do so is the root canal procedure.  Our tooth has two parts mainly the crown which is the one visible on the mouth and the root which is embedded in the bone.  Relatively, our tooth structure has a space called the pulp chamber which is connected to the tip of the root through narrow canal which is further known as the root canal.  The pulps in the chamber could have diseases that could lead to tooth problems and these can be removed to avoid further damage to the tooth.  This is how the “endodontic” treatment comes in which is commonly known as the root canal treatment.

Root Canal Procedure Step by Step

Before the endodontist, the person who will do the treatment, starts, he will have to make the area surrounding the tooth numb. The patient may also have sedation such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Once the area is numb, the endodontist will then make a hole at the back or the top of your tooth in order to get to the pulp chamber. Then, the endodontist will take some of the pulp with disease. Afterwards, he will measure the root canal to learn how long the canals are to decide how much filling to be placed inside the cleaned canals. To do this, the X-ray or an apex locator would have to be used.

Then there is the cleaning, special tools will now be used to remove all the diseased pulp. Antiseptic will then be used to clean it. The antiseptic will aid in preventing and treating infections. All of the tooth’s canal must be cleaned. After the cleaning, the endodontist will use a microscope to ensure that all canals are cleaned. Afterwards, a filling will be placed and could be permanent or crown or temporary. Crown will help in strengthening the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Pictures

Picture 1: Root canal procedure and treatment step by step

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Root Canal Procedure Time

The Endodontic treatment can be done in just one or several visits. It varies on the situation. Uncomplicated Endodontic treatment is usually finished in just a single visit. It may also depend on the tooth’s location as well as the number of roots. More roots, longer procedure. Also if the roots are curved it would take longer. An infection to the tooth can make the procedure longer and may require more visits.

Root Canal Procedure and Pain

Complications and pain is inevitable after a treatment. Upon opening the root canal, oxygen will trigger bacteria build up causing pain and swelling. During the procedure, bacteria can be pushed through the small hole where blood vessels enter the tooth. This may lead to inflammation and infection. Using painkillers as well as antibiotics can treat this.

But it will surely be painful until it is cleared. The treatment can puncture the tooth’s side especially if the canal is curved or difficult to locate. Since the tools used are flexible, they are capable of bending but they sometimes bend at the wrong time which can make a whole at the tooth’s side. Once saliva enters the whole, it will require to be filled. If saliva cannot reach it, the hole may close itself. If not all canals are treated, it could lead to infection of the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure Recovery

Recovery is the final part of any treatment. As for this, after the procedure, the patient must be aware on how to care for one’s health. The tooth will fell sensitive. Recovery time is often three to four days if no complications occur. To care for the tooth, the person must not chew or eat from the treated side for a few hours following the treatment or more. The patient may ask for a crown in order to make recovery faster and easier.



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