How to Lower your Blood Pressure: Simple Steps


how to lower blood pressureHypertension (High blood pressure) is one of the most leading causes of stroke and heart diseases. It is important that you should try to lower your high blood pressure the moment you get diagnosed with it. This condition can damage your arteries, brain, eyes, kidneys and heart. Here are some simple tips on how to get your blood pressure lower by following simple lifestyle changes.

Step 1: Stay away from salt:

when ever you buy any food products make sure that you go through the labels carefully. The reason is that most of the processed and canned foods have salt in them which can lead to high blood pressure. So better go for foods that contain low sodium.

Step 2: Never neglect exercises:

Try to maintain a habit of doing exercises. If you cannot allocate at least one hour a day especially for exercises then you can choose some physical activities like stair climbing, washing doors, detailing and dusting the car, shoveling, vacuuming, gardening and many more like these. Try to use stairs whenever possible.

Step 3: Combat with stress:

Stress is one of the key factors which can raise blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Though the change is temporary but if the episodes of stress and depression prolongs it may significantly contribute to high blood pressure. So try to seek some doctor’s help, practice yoga or meditation.

Step 4: Limit your alcohol intake:

Remember that you need not stop alcohol intake in order to control your high blood pressure. You just have to moderate your alcohol consumption and some studies came out with interesting facts that red wine can benefit heart health only if consumed in moderation. Keep an eye on recommended daily alcohol intake depending on what sex you are and follow that strictly.

Step 5: Avoid smoking:

Make a strong decision to quit smoking since nicotine which you take in during your smoking action can lead to high blood pressure because it narrows the blood vessels. Keep in mind that passive smoking is much more harmful when compared to active smoking. If you are interested to stop smoking there are several medications to help you and discuss those details with your doctor and check out some personal experiences of people who successfully stopped smoking and get ideas from them.

Step 6: Lose your weight:

Gaining extra weight is one of the common causes of high blood pressure. So you must exercise daily or perform some extra physical activities to keep your weight in control. Make sure that you check your body mass index (BMI) frequently and see if you are making some progress or not.


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