Home Remedies for Dry Skin


Dry skin is a major problem these days. Skin gets dry or arid especially in the winter season since the moist is nowhere to be found. Dry skin people are all over the world but Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, etc; have more people with dry skin caredry skin. In other parts of the world, the pollution level is too low. However, Asian countries have the highest pollution levels in the world besides being dirty and unclean. Indian cities are highly polluted and are very dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, chances of getting dry skin are high rather than other places in the world. If you want your dry skin to get the natural treatment, then do not go anywhere because some foods are very strong and they can help you in many ways. Some of the best known home remedies for dry skin are as follows:

  • If your skin is extremely dry, then apply a simple method— the honey method! Yes, apply honey to your skin and it will be cured in no time
  • Another best known home remedy for dry skin is none other than the olive oil. Olive oils have resistant power and these oils generally take the dryness out of the skin and fill the oil instead of the dryness
  • Oatmeal also is one of the best sources. Apply oatmeal and eat it and you will see the great difference
  • Fruits like grapes, apple, pomegranate help in making you wet in many ways, so apply these fruits to your body and find the difference
  • Vegetables like lady-finger can be helpful too. Take the sticky stuff out of the lady-finger and drink it. It acts like lubricant to your body. Take a handful of lady-fingers; soak them in warm water overnight. During the day, squeeze the sticky juice and then drink the whole stuff before sleeping.


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