Home Remedies for Gout



The inflammation of arteries is known as arthritis, which is also known as gout. Gout is a common problem faced by many people today, especially older people. There are many things involved with this pain. One of the main reasons is nothing but the age factor. Age plays a crucial role in one’s health and in the end; it becomes necessary for people to take care of themselves, no matter what happens. Today, one can see youngsters leaving their parents and living their lives. However, it is really bad on their part because their parents do need them, especially in this age. Anyway, gout can be cured and treated if proper care is taken and at the right time and if the care if not taken at the right time then there could be great problems for people of this age. The common symptom of gout is the extreme and severe pain in the toe region, which can cause extreme, excruciating pain. Now, how to deal with this crazy disease? Let us read the following important thing:

  • Drink water to the excess. You have to drink at least 3 liters of water every day and you have to pass urine every time you do this.
  • Avoid getting stones in your kidney by drinking water
  • Do exercise every day without fail. Make sure you perspire every 30 minutes to kick the stubborn gout out
  • Make sure you do not gain weight or else you will for sure get arthritis or gout
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not eat fish or meat
  • Dink a lot of juices and you can eat sauces and dried peas a lot, as much as you can keep eating
  • You must eat a lot of food rich in potassium in order to avoid and treat your gout
  • If gout does not fade, then it becomes very necessary for you to meet your doctor.


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