Disadvantages of Eating Chewing Gum


woman eating chewing gumChewing gums have been quite popular as a mouth freshener, but its demand has always been on a rise because of its cool factor. Teenagers and youths used chewing gums as a style factor. However, very less people realize that chewing gum has some drawbacks as well. Let’s see how it can leave negative impact on our body:

Constant chewing gum has a direct effect on out teeth. Especially, the chewing gums which contain sugar which can cause decaying of the teeth, gum problems and cavity. Such chewing gums cover the surface of the teeth with a flimsy coat which is harmful and it makes you lose the natural tooth enamel.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) may be caused due to continuous chewing of gums. As we keep chewing the jaws face a lot of stress due to which TMJ occurs. This disorder may show signs like facial, back and neck pain as well.

Because of the continuous chewing there may appear wrinkle on the face as well. It makes the skin go less elastic and therefore facial wrinkles and folds appear around the mouth and lips. Doctors who treat such conditions by injecting fillers into the skin to remove the wrinkles often advice that chewing gum should not be used after such treatment.

Also, chewing gum contains powerful gastric juice. According gastroenterologists, chewing on an empty stomach can trigger or aggravate gastritis or other stomach troubles. It has been observed that the content of chewing gums which are usually rubber base, sweeteners, combined with fragrances and softeners are obviously not good for health.
Chewing gums can cause annoyance to other people! Because of the way one chews peculiar sound is be made by the person’s mouth which may disturb other people. To avoid such bad effects of chewing gums one must stop using chewing gums or if using then do not chew it for more than 10-20 minutes. Also, prefer taking sugar-free chewing gums.


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