How to overcome smoking : 9 Tips to quit smoking


Are you smoker?  Unable to control smoking cigarette? Are you searching for  tips to suggest your friends and family members those who are addicted to SMOKING ? If your answer is yes, then you have come to a right post where you can get best 9 tips to control this silent killer – smoking. Go through the tips and make a note of them.

make a note1.   Keep a short note:

Keep a short note of each and every reason which is forcing you to quit smoking and surely this type of reference method will motivate you and acts like a reminder as well. Make sure that you always keep the note along with you.


search2.  Search for the best:

Find and inquire about the best drug treatment like nicotine replacement therapy or psychological counseling from doctor. You can get useful stuff  by browsing the net, reading books, asking your friends and doctors around you.


no smoking3.   Get yourself motivated:

when you find any free time, just recollect about the quit smoking plan and practice saying “ Smoking is a silent killer and I wont smoke since it causes harm to me “.


share your thoughts4.   Share your thoughts:

Tell your family members and friends about your decision of quitting and certainly everyone will encourage you. They will also remind you when you are not following it.


share success stories5.   Go through success stories:

when ever you find time, you can read success stories of people how they managed to quit smoking. So try to collect some tips and methods from their experiences and make a note of them in your mind or in diary.

Educate Others copy

6.  Educate other smokers:

If you find that you friend or a family member is a smoker, try to motivate it and educate him about the disadvantages of smoking. This will create some responsibilities on you.


mind_control power

7.   Control your mind:

For this you can practice meditation and yoga which are known to be beneficial for some good number of smokers who decided to quit.


share success8.   Share your success:

If you are making good progress and managing well to control cigarette or tobacco cigarette smoking then share your with your friends and family members. They will certainly congratulate you and this will further motivate you to continue this good habit.

9.    Nothing is impossible:

Finally you are the person who have to decide and have dedication and remember that nothing is impossible though it is well known that this is a hard task. Have confidence and go ahead. Surely your story will be one of the success stories for other smokers who have decided to quit smoking.


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