Home Remedies for Sore Throat


Sore throats are common during the cold seasons. People often get pain in their throats especially in winter or rainy season. This ailment is common and not at all serious as it can be cured any time. However, if you avoid and ignore this problem, then things could be serious. sore throatTherefore, when you get sore throat, follow some of the useful, simple and affective home remedies in order to get the satisfaction and comfort. Sore throat often causes pain, severe pain at times and difficulty in swallowing food or water. It can affect any temperature— hot food or cold water. Sore throats can create a lot of problems while talking as well and laughing too besides consuming food and water. Home remedies for sore throat, experienced by many ancient practitioners, are as follows:

  • When you get sore throat, make sure you do not eat anything spicy or filled with chilly since it will create more problem for you and your throat. You might feel the burning sensation all across your neck. When sore throats start to pain your throat, drink normal water and do not eat hot food
  • Gargle your sore throat with warm water and add salt to it. Gargle thoroughly as it will give you immense satisfaction and comfort
  • Avoid lemons or lemon juice in sore throat. Instead of this drink hot soups of tomato, beans, lady-fingers, etc
  • Potato juice with milk and sugar can be very helpful for sore throat and people who suffer from sore throat, and who drink this mixture, often like the taste of the juice and also they get comfort
  • Take rest! As much as you can, sleep and do not talk or do anything because exertion can make you feel more uncomfortable. Doctors always recommend that you should sleep and rest when you are suffering from painful sore throat.


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