Natural Home Remedies for Acne


acne home remediesAcne is a common issue faced especially by teens. It is a result of clogging of pores of the skin which restricts the natural oil from reaching the surface of the skin. As the pores get clogged up the bacteria multiply the skin erupts and pimples appear. Many a times when acne breaks out the scars that are left behind are permanent and no medicines can remove it. But there are many ways to improve the quality of the skin. And most of the times the previous glow can be regained with the help of proper treatment.

The following home remedies are popularly known to remove acne scars are:

  • Water is the most effective and the cheapest technique of healing acne scars. Water helps remove all the impurities from the body, the old skin cells are removed and the new ones grow. This is an effective way of getting a cleaner and a glowing skin. Easily available!
  • Having a strict, balanced diet is very important for the acne scar cure. Scars can be healed quickly if body gets the needed amount of nutrition, vitamins and water to fight the bacteria that is attacking the skin. Very healthy!
  • Lemon juice is not a quick fix but compared to all the other healing techniques applying lemon juice can fix the problem. As it is a citric acid it helps getting rid of the dead skin cells and in helping the new ones grow. But people with very sensitive skin need to be careful as lemon juice can cause harm to the skin. Cheap stuff!
  • Undiluted aloe-vera juice or gel is very effective in removing or reducing the acne scars. Very effective!
  • Rosehip seed oil regenerates the skin, acts as an anti ageing agent helping reduce the wrinkles and protects the skin from being discolored. It is used in most of the cosmetic products. Could be expensive, watch out!
  • Lavender oil is a very popular treatment measure for the cure of acne scars. It is known for its regenerative properties. Get going with it!


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