Flat Belly Diet : why and how it Works

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Flat belly diet created and propagated by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass claim that unlike other diet programs it does not impose excessive restrictions on one’s diet to posses the most desired flat belly.

The diet completely focuses on reducing the unhealthy fat levels present in the body. The diet aims in reducing the visceral fat present in our body which contributes in putting a few extra pounds in our body.flat belly diet nutrition

Liz and Cynthia further claim that while following the flat belly diet one does not have to depend on reducing and cutting calorie levels to get a flat belly. They are of the view that to get a flat belly more than focusing on low calories it is important to consume monounsaturated fatty acids aka MUFA instead of saturated fats which are unhealthy. It is said that with such a dietary plan, one can reduce weight in a month’s time without necessarily doing and exercise.

It is also claimed that with flat belly diet, you do not have to follow an extensive exercise routine with a restrictive diet chart. The fat belly diet is just 32 days long, however if you have been unable to follow their plan rightly you need to stick to it for a longer duration.

The creators of this diet plan have very wisely structured the plan to benefit its followers.  They have included an initial jump-start plan followed by a long term plan. So this is how it starts with an anti-bloat 4 day jump-start wherein one can lose up to seven pounds with about 5-6 inches around the belly.

It is said that during this time people merely loses water and gas from their body; however creators of the flat belly diet have used this technique to remove the excess gas and water from the body and since it shows instant effect it works as a motivation and encouragement for the diets to continue.


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