Type 2 Diabetes Diet


Diet for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 diabetes patients need to follow a little different food chart than the regular people. However, this is not difficult to understand as the diseases has close relationship with our daily meals and by making only a few changes, the patients can live with much better physical condition. The changes include lower fat, salt and sugar. The main idea of the food diet chart of the diabetes patients is to keep a balance between the insulin level and glucose level in the blood.

Glucose level

The diabetes is caused for higher glucose level in the bloodstream. This is usually occurs when the patient takes foods with too much carbohydrate. The carbohydrate breaks into glucose and that increase the glucose level or sugar level in the blood. The insulin helps to keep it in control by reducing the sugar level. But for that, the level of sugar must be calculated to inject the accurate amount of insulin.

Beside the glucose level, the blood fats and blood pressure has connection with Type 2 diabetes.

In parallel to the insulin, some exercises can help to control the diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin

In the Type 2 diabetes, the insulin does not work as good as the type 1 diabetes. In fact this type of diabetes is some short of insulin resistant. So the food chart is very important to keep the glucose level in adjustable position.


Carbohydrate increase the sugar level in the blood and the insulin reduce the level. But in Type 2 diabetes, the body loses its power to produce insulin. So foods with lower carbohydrate are necessary for these patients. The total amount of calories should be reduced too.

Blood Fat

Unlike Type 1 diabetes, the Type 2 diabetes has more problems with higher blood fat. So it is highly suggested for the Type 2 diabetes patients to avoid the foods that have high fat or lipid. For the same reason, high alcohol is also strictly forbidden for these patients.

Blood Pressure

The Type 2 diabetes have close relation with high blood pressure and the patients always live in the risk of damaging kidney and eyes. So the foods that increase the blood pressure are also forbidden for the Type 2 diabetes patients.

Foods with high fat, salt, oil and cloistral must be reduced from the food chart as well as alcohols and smoking.

The Glycemic Index (GI)

The Glycemic Index or GI is an indicator that tells of the effect of glucose on the blood. Foods that have a higher GI increase the sugar level in the bloodstream faster and cause more problems to the patient. On the other hand, lower GI foods are not as harmful as the previous one.

For the Type 2 diabetes patients, it is suggested to eat foods with lower GI values. The patients can learn about these foods from the doctor.

The Diet for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Like regular people, the patients with Type 2 diabetes need to eat regularly and take meals at proper time. In the morning, the blood sugar level is usually low as the body does not take food for a long time. So a limited amount of foods with higher GI can be eaten in the morning. For example, cereal has more glucose than regular sugar, but it can be taken in the morning; however the quantity should be in control.

And eating timely is very important. If the patient feels that some food is causing more problem, it should be avoided or keep in control by insulin injection.


The traditional idea of sugar for the diabetes patients is not very good. Most people blame it as the major reason for the diabetes. However, the situation is not totally true. There are some other foods, like cereal is more harmful for the diabetes patients than table sugar. But it is a good idea to reduce the amount to as little as possible.


Fat is also a major problem for the patients with Type 2 diabetes. But it is not directly dangerous for these patients, as much as it is for the Type 2 diabetes patients with high blood pressure.

Fat slows down the rise of glucose level in the blood, which is a good thing. But in case of high pressure, it can be very dangerous and the patient has a good chance of cardiac attack or damaging kidney or eyes.

So fatty foods for the Type 2 diabetes patients are not good and it must be avoided as much as possible.


Protein is important for the Type 2 diabetes victims. But eating excessive amount can show negative result. Protein increases the glucose level in the liver, which inverse the glucose level in the blood in a very slow process.

The main sources of protein are meat and fish. Eating these two within reasonable amount, suggested by the doctor, can be very important for the Type 2 diabetes patients to keep their energy. The meat contains fat and so the fatty body parts of the meat should be separated before cooking it.


Snacks are very important for every diabetes patient. The diabetes patients need to keep the glucose level balance and if they do not take food for a long time, the level may be reduced.  The snakes help to keep the sugar level in appropriate level even if the patients take a long gap between two meals.

Other Foods

  • Beans and lentils are very good for the Type 2 diabetes patients. Both of these two can work as good alternatives of other protein foods like meat.
  • Low fat yoghurt or semi skimmed milk is also good for these patients.
  • Fried foods are totally forbidden for the patients that have Type 2 diabetes. For the same reason, fast foods are also not allowed.
  • Foods like cake, pastries and biscuits are also harmful for them as these foods have higher sugar and glucose level.
  • Vegetables are highly recommended for the diabetes patients. But for them, fresh vegetables are better and the amount of carbohydrate in the vegetables should be counted.
  • Water is the best drink for the diabetes patients and they should keep drinking all day long in little amount so that the body does not feel dehydration. Drinking water in empty stomach may cause some problem.
  • Excessive alcohol is very dangerous for these patients.


Exercise is more important for the Type 2 diabetes patients than the Type 1 diabetes patients; however, all diabetes patients need to do some workouts. The exercises reduce the glucose level from the blood and so it is better not to do the exercises in empty stomach. It is better to have some light foods or snacks before the patient starts working out.

There should have at least twenty minutes gap between the snacks and workouts. Following a fixed timetable for the exercise is very important. In case of disability of exercise, the patient should at least walk for some time every day.


The most important thing about the diet of a Type 2 diabetes patient is the awareness of the patient or the people who is responsible for his eating. The doctors can help the patient to suggest the best food options and his suggestions should be followed word to word.

A chart should be maintained to keep the information of glucose level in different foods and see how much glucose the patient takes per day. The amount of insulin should also be determined by this chart.

Foods with too much carbohydrate, fat, sugar, salt, protein and alcohol should be reduced and exercise and healthy foods should be increased.

The insulin should be injected in appropriate amount; both too much insulin and too little insulin are equally harmful.


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