Home Remedies for Cough


Cough problems are very common and could affect any person. The body reacts to the irritation in the throat area through coughs. Many people go to physicians, take medications and cough syrups. But there are many simple home and natural remedies which can reduce the duration and cough remediesseverity of this problem. These remedies could be prepared and implemented easily. A few of the natural remedies for cough are:

  • A simple and efficient home remedy is to take lots of liquid drinks and also, plenty of rest should be taken. The liquids increase the circulation of blood and white blood cells which help in increasing the throat’s immunity against irritation.
  • The mucus and bacteria from the trachea could be removed by licking the juice of Wood apple. Also, strewed or raw onions can be drunk (in a broth) or eaten to provide relief from cough problems.
  • The problem could get aggravated if refrigerated, fried and sore foods are consumed. Instead, foods and vegetables like cucumber, carrots, bitter ground, cabbage, spinach, guava and tomato should be consumed. These are very helpful in treating the cough and also increase the body’s immune system. The boost in immunity can also protect against many other diseases.
  • Taking garlic at least in two night meals every week prevents cough and cold problems. Throat infections and cough can be relieved by drinking mixture of orange juice and powdered almonds. Also, a soothing effect during cough can be provided by drinking lukewarm water.
  • Sucking a lemon sprinkled with black pepper can reduce the intensity of the cough problem. Also, juices of non-citrus fruits, dates (dried) boiled in milk and drinking goat’s milk is beneficial for treating the cough problem.
  • Another natural remedy is to boil wood apple leaves in sesame oil till they turn brown colour. Applying this oil on the scalp can treat cold and cough. Also, a person should avoid excessive exertion on the throat and shouldn’t smoke or consume refrigerated drinks and foods.


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