Yeast infections in Pregnancy – Causes, symptoms and treatment


The most beautiful phrase of any women’s life would be pregnancy. Undoubtedly, the pregnant lady and entire family make sure of smooth 9th months for the ‘would be’ mother and the child but some time some negligence can disturb the health. Yeast infection at the time of pregnancy is one of the minor but annoying problems that a female faces.

yeast pregnancy infections

Symptoms of Yeast infections in Pregnancy:

The patient may feel itchiness, rashes, and burning sensation. The vulva (area around vagina) and or labia (Lips of the vagina) may get swelling sensation and turned red. Moreover, stinking smell and white discharge are common in this infection. Also, some females suffer pain during sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of this disease are very common since people face this kind of problem all over the world. Urination will be difficult as well since people who suffer from yeast infection often tend to pass blood in urine. Presence of blood in scientific language is known as hematuria or the presence of blood or blood clots in the urine. This causes extreme pain and irritation. One should not worry about the fetus as it is will not get infected neither will it create any issues in delivery. However, a baby passing from the birth canal at the time of labor may get the infection but there would be nothing to worry as it is easily curable.

Causes of Yeast infections in Pregnancy:

Getting vaginal infection in the time of pregnancy is very common and the main cause can be a fungus named Candida Albicans.  Surprisingly, most of the women do have some amount of yeast in their vaginas but the acidic — inside the vagina stop them from turning into infection. Hormonal changes in the pregnancy and increased amount of sugar levels in vaginal discharge help yeast rising yeast infection.

Treatment and cure for yeast infections:

One may get rid of the infection by applying few available anti-fungal creams but do not use any without the concern of your doctor.


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