Causes, treatment and prevention of bad breath (Halitosis)


Bad breathing is not only a health problem but also a prestigious matter in social life. If you have a bad breath, people will avoid you and would not want to be near you. If you can feel that you are having a bad breath, you will feel embarrassment and would also avoid people. But it is not such a hard thing to control. If you know what causes bad breath and how to treat them, you do not have to worry about any of these problems.

There are two main reasons for bad breath. The first one is the dirty mouth and the second one is the problem in the abdomen. The dirty mouth means you do not clean your mouth regularly. The mouth includes the teeth and the other parts. So if you take care of only your teeth that are not good enough. bad breath halitosis signs and picture cartoons

The second reason, the abdomen, is another thing you need to take care. The most common problem with abdomen includes unsatisfying bowl movement and problem with digest. To avoid bad breath, you must take care of them.

To prevent the bad breath, you can follow several steps. First of all, clean your mouth regularly. You should brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. You also need to clean other parts of the mouth. It is a good practice to use a mouth cleaner after using the brush.

This will not only keep your mouth healthy but also give your mouth freshness. For keeping your abdomen clean, you better have a proper food control. Avoid fatty and oily food. Have more vegetable and healthy food. In case of digest problem, use medicine. Drinking a lot of water is a good thing for your stomach.

Doctors also suggest eating food that contains a lot of fiber because the fibers are very good for digesting process. Also maintain a regular bowl movement. If you have a long time bad breathing, you better go to a doctor and ask for suggestion.


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