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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

A nicotine device that is used much like a traditional cigarette is often referred to as “e-cigarette or steam cigarette” that converts nicotine liquid into water vapor – often classified as an electronic simulator of tobacco bearing the physical sensation, appearance and nicotine content of a traditional and classical tobacco.

The history of smoking dated back as early as 5000 BC. Early of 1960’s when electronic cigarette idea was first materialized by Herbert A. Gilbert that aiming in providing safe and harmless means of smoking. The modern device was invented by Hon Lik- a Chine pharmacist in 2003. The very first appearance of this invention was in Hong Kong in 2003. Electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a cartridge that screw together and look and act much like a regular, traditional cigarette and was promoted in commercial market in 2004 by the Golden Dragon Group, who changed the name to Ruyan, meaning “nearly similar to smoke”.

Based on some research, a survey conducted in 2009 it was found that people who are using the e-cigs perceived smaller amount of health related problems, when compared to traditional cigarettes. They also noticed improved sense of smell and taste, less coughing and increased ability to exercise. It was estimated that the total numbers of electronic cigarette users were falling to be four hundred fifty thousand based on survey results.

Electronic Cigarettes kit picture

Picture of Electronic cigarette kit

Image source – e-cig.org

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

One (1) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit, Two (2) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit, Three (3) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit are the three (3) different types of electronic cigarettes that fall under this category.

One (1) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit

Typically the most economical alternative to initiate with especially if you are not sure smoker of electronic cigarettes. It comes with non-refillable nicotine cartridge(s) and pre-charged batteries.

Two (2) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit

Atomizer Built Into Nicotine Cartridge – The second most convenient type as they consist only of a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge, sometimes called a “cartomizer or atomizer” that usually needs to be changed more or less every six (6) to twelve (12) weeks.

Three (3) Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit

It consist of a separate battery, atomizer and nicotine cartridge. Cartridge is either twist or entwine until it needs to be unscrewed or drag off to be replaced or refilled.
Listed below are the different varieties and sizes of e-cigs that you may used. The following are as follows:

  • Pen Style E-Cigarettes (140mm – 160mm) – It looked like a pen with a cap
  • Super Mini E-Cigarettes (100mm – 115mm)
  • E-Cigar – Greatly imitates the look and feel of classical cigarettes
  • Micro E-Cigarettes (50mm – 99mm)
  • E-Pipe
  • Mini E-Cigarettes (116mm – 139mm)

Electronic Cigarette Components

E-cigs has three essential components include:

BATTERY– A power supply that composes of a 5V Lithium Ion that can be charged via a USB charger and typically takes an approximate of two (2) hours to charge and lifetime varies per user. It is the largest part, has an indicator light on one side and it screws onto the atomizer.
CARTRIDGES – Are made up of small, usually disposable plastic container, with openings on each end that holds and discharges the liquid to insure that the liquid remains in its intended place. Also known as “dripping” method that contains the electronic cigarette liquid that is connected to the atomizer.
ATOMIZER – that serves as the heating element responsible for vaporizing the liquid. Also known as the “heart or the engine” behind an electronic cigarette that converts the liquid in the cartridge into vapor.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Each e-cigs has three important parts that function every time an electronic cigarette user is planning to smoke. As the user smoke in the atomizer gets powered up and mini heating element produces liquid and vaporizes nicotine which you inhale that looks like a smoke.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

SMOKE TIP – A new brand on the market today and it’s easy to draw and produces good vapor volume.
SMOKE RELIEF – more advanced than other that produces bigger volume of smoke that makes the users more satisfying.
GREEN SMOKE – A high quality type of e-cig brand in cigarette industry today. Its refill cartridges grip twice as much e-liquid compared to most other electronic cigarettes.
THE SAFESIG– Has two distinguishing features: cartridge life and safety that is able to place a larger refill in each and every cartridge that lets every single cartridge lasts longer.
SMOKESTICK – A premium brand electronic cigarette made in USA stylish alternative for those who want to stand out in the crowd.
BLUCIGS have been a very popular brand in the States, especially with the younger generation. attractive, stylish look and are reasonably price
BULL SMOKE – Looks, tastes, and feels like a tobacco cigarette – only it’s a vapor cigarette.
Electronic Cigarette Cost

A starter kit including rechargeable battery, charger and nicotine cartridges will run for about $100 – $150 depending on how many e-cigs you want to buy. One cartridge is equivalent to two packs of 20 tobacco cigarettes. These are highly cost effective and can reduce the expenditure, allowing the user to even quite the usage of nicotine.

Is an Electronic Cigarette Dangerous?

It is a better way of nicotine intake wherein smokeless cigarette dangers should be taken dangerously and understand the whole thing about this electronic tools in order to keep you safe, for it could bring danger to your health if not handled with care. Using these tools is safer than having traditional cigarettes which contain tobacco, even then they are not completely safe.

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

There are numerous advantages / benefits that electronics cigarettes occur, including:

  • Kills long waiting hours on any type of public transport
  • Made to strict quality control standards
  • comparatively cheaper than the traditional smoking
  • provides smoking without affecting the environment and the people around
  • Looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette
  • No teeth discoloration or nicotine-stained fingers
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Replicates Smoking Experience – Satisfies Cravings
  • Better Health
  • Non-flammable and definitely won’t cause any fires
  • Offers ‘the experience’ of smoking but does not produce smoke
  • Can be used in a non-smoking or smoking-prohibited areas like restaurants, parks and public areas.

Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarette

Listed below are the disadvantages that occurs using e-cig, including:

  • Too much nicotine can be breathe in if the user is not aware of how to use the device properly (how long does nicotine stay in your system)
  • E-cig maintenance (3 piece ecig only)
  • It needs to be charged with the batteries
  • It gives confidence to children to be more tempted to try because it is not actually smoking.
  • There is no indication when done with smoking (does not burn out)


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