Being Diagnosed With Cirrhosis – Foods to Avoid/Take


Individuals who are diagnosed with cirrhosis are advised by doctors to make necessary alterations in their dietary and lifestyle habits. It would ensure that the body repairs itself and the person starts feeling better.

The body has the ability respond to several foods. The response can be good or bad and the decision depends on the consumer.

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Following are some foods which should be avoided when suffering from liver cirrhosis:

  • Even if the problem is not caused by alcohol abuse, it should be completely avoided when presence of cirrhosis is detected. The toxic products present in the alcohol make the liver work harder and the main objective of the patient should be to avoid it totally.
  • Salt is another item whose consumption should be reduced. It is seen that several people use too much salt but when diagnosed with liver issue, the use of salt should be reduced to 2000 milligrams in a day. Some extra work has to be done while buying foods to ensure that one accidentally doesn’t consume excess salt. Many packages show the amount of salt used in their food while others are filled with sodium. The latter should be totally avoided.
  • Doctors state that over-consumption (or even mediocre consumption) of saturated and trans fats can damage a body’s system. But for a liver patient, it is crucial that unhealthy fats are totally avoided as they shouldn’t make their body work harder. Consumption of healthy fats can regulate the body and keep it fit.

Foods which should be consumed by a cirrhosis patient are:

  • Specific proteins should be taken i.e. milk with no or low fat, tofu, beans and eggs are great examples as they don’t create ammonia. Red meat consists of proteins but produce ammonia which can harm the body.
  • Doctors state that freshly brewed coffee is good to include in a liver diet. Although, this is a product which can be easily over-consumed which can really stress the body out. Omega 3 and walnuts are other items which can be included in a cirrhosis diet.


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