Boils that keep coming back : SKIN BOILS


Boil is one of the most common skin diseases. It may happen to anybody and does not vary over age or sex. There are some variations of the skin boils and it can happen for both internal problem or outside germs. Most of the boils are infectious and being near a victim can cause you the disease. There are some skin boils that has no specific cure and they keep coming back.

Herpes is the most common and well known skin boil that usually do not cure permanently and usually comes back periodically. Herpes is more common for women than men. It has the similarity with some other skin boils and so often mistaken.

It infects by skin to skin touch and the light attack of herpes usually goes unnoticed but a severe one can be very painful. The most important thing about herpes is, it usually never cures and comes back after a abscess - skin boils The gap between two attacks might be few weeks or even years.

Among other common skin boils that do not cure permanently, there are some boils that are caused by mold or virus. Theses boil spread even after the virus or the mold dies.

Most of these boils do not make a serious problem for the body, although there are some severe attacks which might lead to serious pain and fever. These boils that keep coming back may return within a very short time or may be after a long time and there are very few of them that follow a systematic time interval.

The reason that the boils do not cure permanently is the origin of the attack. The virus that causes the boils lives inside the body and spread its number by great degree. The time of outcome usually depend on the immune system of the victim.

If the patient has a weak immune system, the frequency of attack increases and if the immune system is very well, the victim might need a strong trigger to show the symptoms of the boil.



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