Best exercises for disability and physically challenged people


Being a disable is a very difficult life. A disable person is totally dependent on other persons, even if he has to do a very simple thing. For such disable people there are some exercises and the physical therapy exercise provides the best exercise for disability. These exercises will not cure the problem, but will make the disability easier to carry and the disable person will be able to make some movement by himself.

The disability causes because the muscles in the disable are lose their ability of movement. So the first practice against disability is trying to move these muscles. It is not an easy thing to do. The patient not only needs a good exercise guide but also a strong will power to move the muscles.

Also he has to have patience. Because such exercise needs a long time to show any progress. Even some cases, the first sign of a slightest progress is shown after few months of try. The exercises are different from the organ to organ and on the severity of the problem. The exercise for hands and legs are not so hard and also they are more effective. But disability in other body parts is very difficult to control.

physically challenged exercises disability

The exercise of the hand and leg starts from making the muscles flexible by massaging the muscles. After few weeks of massage, the instructor starts to move the muscles. It needs a lot of time to work through the process. The movements need a lot of repetitions. For other parts of the body, the same procedure is followed. The follow up or routine of the exercises are the physical therapy exercise which is the perfect way to regain the work ability of the body part.

All of the exercises are very difficult. And also they are critical, as any wrong movement can cause more damage to the organ. These exercises should never be done without the suggestion of the doctor. Also there are some professional therapists who are well trained for physical therapy exercise. You should always take their help.


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