Diabetic Heart Attack Symptoms : Diabetes symptoms


Diabetes heart attacks are a common occurrence people consuming excessive sugar in their diet. Diabetes Insipidus cannot do much harm nor does it occur any often. Diabetes mellitus is responsible for organ impairment. It gives rise to four complications; namely, gangrene, diabetic cataract, heart attack (silent myocardial infarction), and renal dysfunction (nephritic syndrome).

What happens in diabetes is that pancreas which produces insulin, a vital component, which allows blood glucose to enter the body cells, reduces it production. Due to this, the insulin levels in the body decrease to an unhealthy extent. Its repercussions in the body are seen as organ dysfunction. Heart is one such organ.

Heart attacks or strokes are caused by the fact that in most cases and in general the heart does not receive enough blood to purify and hence cannot supply pure blood to the rest of the body. Hence, the system gets imbalanced. When the blood sugar level increases, either of the veins, which carry impure blood to the heart, is blocked due to plaque. This results in a diabetic heart attack.

diabetes heart symptoms diabetics

Heart attack symptoms for diabetics

Diabetic heart attack symptoms include expanded size of the waist, and elevated levels of triglycerides and HDL cholesterol. The latter combination is a bad cholesterol combination for a diabetic patient. Blood pressure increases as a result of that. When on fasting if blood glucose levels are found higher than the normal, then too, the chances of diabetic heart attack increase.

The symptoms of diabetic heart attack are very minute in the sense that the patient may not even realize that he has any chances of getting an attack. The pain in the left chest may or may not be present. However, you may at times experience a mild pressure in the chest. You may not even know that that you are getting a heart attack.

Another symptom of diabetic heart attack is excessive sweating. You experience tiredness and in turn excessive sweating and breathlessness. Due to lack of awareness about the physical condition, psychological changes such as irritation are caused.


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