How to Make your Lungs Stronger and healthier


The human body has two lungs Right and left the right lung has three lobes and the left lung has two lobes. Lungs help in removal of carbon dioxide from blood and getting oxygen into the blood. While breathing the lungs accept less than 0.5 microns of the air particles and rest f the bigger particle is thrown out by the nose as sticky substance.

Breathing is the most vital work that our body needs to do on a regular basis or else death is certain. Lungs expand and contract, and hence extract in oxygen from the air that enters our body through our nose. Lungs, which are the main component of the respiratory system, must be kept healthy in order to have a good supply of oxygen to the entire body. Certain habits, if developed, can keep the respiration in order so that the body functions normally.

To make our lung stronger we should get rid of some addictive substance like tobacco chewing and smoking ,alcohol consumption, drug abusers, these all addictive substance gateway in our respiratory system and make our alveolar wall weak and makes cavity so that the patient usually suffers from breathlessness and interstitial lungs disease.

To make lung stronger one should perform daily exercise like swimming under water holding breath for few minutes these makes our lung capacity stronger. One can perform vigorous exercise like running, cycling, dancing. Practicing singing for certain period of time during the day also helps to make lungs stronger.

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Study says that early morning Pranayam is the best therapy to make lung stronger in these one should in a yoga posture and take a deep inhalation and Exhalations and makes the lung stronger. Pranayam should be performed every day in the fresh environment away from the polluted place like natural place with so many trees, Gardens, away from noisy and crowded place.

Once should avoid smoking zone areas, and polluted places. Special precaution should be carried out while working at places of excavation and in professional sectors were the pollution is frequent, by applying mask to fight against it.


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